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If any of you have an xbox 360, i have a few games to suggest.

1. Minecraft :3 (I know you like it!!!)

2. Portal 2. this game is kind of cool! i think it is pretty funny too. only in some parts. and in other parts it gets a bit scary and tricky. just a suggestion though!

3.Test Drive Unlimited. this is a racing game and adventure game. (kind of) you can have your own house and clothes but cant move your character XD its a game where you can drive anywhere at any time. This game is where you can go to real estate agencies and car dealerships and get brand new cars and houses! You can choose a boy or a girl from a small selection of people at the beginning of the game.

If any of you have more suggestions just say so! (sorry for short selection XD don't have many games for it.)
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