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just trying to get an idea that i've been toying with out there for others to have a look at let me know what you think


Violet removed the old rusted key from the nail next to the iron door, sliding the thick ancient bolt to the left and the second one to the right she slid open the viewing hatch. On the other side, a long dark corridor sporadically lit by oil lamps faced her. Overcrowded cells lined both sides, faeces running down open drains from each cell. Somewhere deep in its depths a pipe drips, echoing throughout the block. Thick iron bars separate each cell from its neighbour, and in the cold air small puffs of mist emanates from each cell as the inmates smell Violet’s presence. A cruel smile creeps on to Vi’s face as she hears the inmates breathing quicken, giving the key a sharp turn and pushing open the heavy door she stands at the entrance. One inmate whimpers as Vi’ removes the clip bored from a small table near the door. William Hemsbi sits at the desk paper in hand. 6ft 2” with broad set shoulders, rolling muscular arms and a thick torso, this was a being made for this kind of work. He gives a curt nod,
“Come looking for the pit…?” Vi’ nods as she looks down at the list to see that very few of the blocks inmates have earned their keep in the last few months,
“Have they all had their rations docked accordingly…?” She looked through the previous guard’s notes
“uh… No…” shaking his head and grinning sheepishly he looked over to Vi’ but her expression quickly had him backtracking
“uh… I mean we did… but they uh… started collapsing’n’that an’ a couple o‘um up ‘nd died ya see” he motioned with his chin towards a pile of shredded fabric and odd pairs of shoes, and a few meters to the left a pile of naked bodies. Vi’ rounded on William with a hand on the bull whip at her belt.
“Do you think me stupid!?” Her green eyes burned with furry, and her sneer revealed her pointed canines, as she bore her talon like nails into his arm.
“No Ma’am, I didn’t anything of the sort” William took a step back as Vi’ advanced on him.
“See this” she growled pointing at her nose, William nodded.
“Then you know I already knew that are dead mongrels in here. I can smell them from a mile away… before I even descended the stairs I knew it, But you see that’s the point. The more of them die, the more of them there are to learn from. See how that works.” She shoved William back and let him go. William nodded,
“I’ll get on that right aways ma’am” Vi’ stepped towards him and reached up, he flinched as she reached up towards his neck
“Now that’s all I wanted to hear” Vi’ smiled sweetly as she smoothed the collar of his shirt down. William shook himself as she returned her attentions to the clip bored. Violet started pacing back and forth, back and forth.
Clack… Clack… Clack… Clack… The sound Violet’s heels made on the uneven stone floor sent a resounding shiver down the whole cell block. Their occupants cowering in to the farthest corners of their filthy cells as her eyes fell on the clip bored in her hand. Starting forward, eyes on the list she walked at a slow and deliberate pace knowing that as she approached each cell the occupants would fear her every pause and twitch. As she walked past each cell she ticked off names on the list. As she reached cell 12 she stopped and looked in… Something was wrong… A small whimpering sound came from one of the 8 mutts in the cell but Vi’ couldn’t see which one… As she looked she noticed that one of the cretins kept fussing with a pile of bloody rags on the floor.
“You” she pointed at the fussing mongrel, all of the others stared with wide eyed fear. Taking the whip from her belt she knocked the bars of the cell. Turning to William she whispered in his ear. He stepped to the right and pulled a leaver and the walls dividing cells 12 and 13 were lifted up.
“All of you but… that one” she pointed to the fussing creature “in there” she motioned with the butt of the whip, to begin with no one moved, A snarl soon had them moving.
“What have you got there…?” The woman picked up the bloody bundle and cradled it in an oddly familiar way that Vi’ had a hard time placing.
“Not mine, Can’t have, please Mercy” the woman rocked back and forth on her heels as she curled over the bundle. Vi’ turned her attention to the collar around the womans neck, reading the cereal number she found her name on the clip bored
“Trixie…?” At the sounds of her name Trixie started to rock faster pulling on the edges of the tattered fabric around whatever lay amongst them
“Trixie. Come. Now!” Vi’ pointed at a spot just in front of the bars, Trixie turned her whole body away from the two and continued to rock
“Can’t have him. Can’t have him” the female continued to chant. A cruel smile twisted on to Vi’s face as the female refused her direct order, her fangs glistened subtly in the weak lamp light. Vi’ snapped her fingers and William stepped forward with a set of keys. The female let out a small scream as William slammed the cell door open and both Vi’ and William stepped into the cell slamming the door behind them.
“Trixie. Here. Now!” Trixie put the bundle on the floor and turned to face Vi’ her eyes wide with raw fear, a deep guttural snarl emanated somewhere from within her chest as she crouched bracing herself against the corner of the cell. Violet cocked her head to one side with a mild air of curiosity, William looked to her and with the smallest of nods he rushed Trixie, the two grappled for a second before William clamped a muzzle onto Trixie’s face and a pair of cuffs to one hand and one foot hobbling her. Pushing her roughly to the floor William stood up straightening his uniform.
“Can’t have him, Can’t have him!” Ignoring the womans feeble chants both Vi and William crouched over the bundle. Violet reached out with a bone white hand and striped the fabric away.
“GAH!!!” both Violet and William wrenched themselves upright staring with utter revulsion at the tiny creature wrapped in the bloody rags.
“You dirty little *****!” Violet snapped the whip at the female cleaving a whelp into her arm.
“Is that a… a… oh that’s just nasty” William picked the bundle up and handed it to Vi’, who grabbed the mewling infant by one of its legs as it started to squeal Vi’ gave it a shake.
“oh shut up you dirty little mongrel” The infant cried even harder as the blood started to rush to its head turning it a violent shade of red… The mother squirmed on the floor trying to reach her young.
“Can’t you make it stop, that noise really is disgusting.” William placed his boot on the female’s side to stop her from crawling too much further.
“Indeed. Vile isn’t it” securing her grip on the infants leg Violet swung the infant towards the rear wall of the cell and with a sickening crunch the crying stopped. The female on the floor cried out like a dying animal. The sound reverberated around the entire block causing the others to shrink against each other. Stepping out of the cell Vi’ made a notation on the clip bored,
“No rations, not till she’s ‘cleaned’ that mess up, got it!” William grinned as he realised what Violet meant by ‘cleaned’
“You’re the boss, Boss” he chuckled to himself as she carried on with the clip bored.
“Just remind me never to piss you off” they both ginned as they walked the block.
Coming to the end at cell 40 Vi’ beckoned forward the only 2 inmates
“Only two in this one…?” she looked to William for an answer. Looking down at the list William smiled
“Uh... Yeah they kept killin’ anythin’ else we put in there… great for fear factor but don’t do wonders for out stock count. ‘ad to give ‘um double rations just to stop them killin’ each other.” Vi stopped and looked. The two were called Bingo and Fido…
“How long has it been since either of you went into the pit…?” they both looked at each other as they tried to count past two…
“uh two time and one time and another two time, maybe miss” rolling her eyes she checked the clip bored to see, for once, they were correct.
“5 months… that is a long time” both the males looked at each other with a private smugness on their faces, like they had escaped some terrible fate.
“Well have no fear boys. It’s a full moon tomorrow night if I’m not mistaken.” She looked to William who with a nod of his head confirmed that.
“so what do you think… Take away their rations between now and the change…? But bind them, I don’t want them ripping each other apart between now and then.” She nodded once made a note next to their names as William radioed for some support. The grins on the two male’s faces turned to a sickened grimace as Violet left them to William and his team.
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