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Curious as to what weapons people are using.

Also, how does INT figure into battle?
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ZombieZombieMeteor CannonChristmas Light Whip
uses two Zombies, a Meteor Cannon and a Christmas Light Whip at the moment, and has the ability Joe Scoff, gotten from the Eggstravagant Joe Egg.
Eggstravagant Joe Egg

Sunburst Halberds are also great to use, but I don't have one currently or I'd probably be using it.
Sunburst Halberd

As far as intelligence goes, no one knows /for sure/, but it seems most likely from experience that it increases the damage the elemental icons do the higher it is.

Berpunnies come with a great ability called Punny Pudding Pummel, which makes them good battle pets to raise.
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These are great weapons to recommend - I actually need a new Christmas Light Whip and a Sunburst Halberd.

Like the Christmas Light Whip, exclusive events weapons generally work well. I have a Sukrus Battle Axe

Possessed Plushie are among my favorites to use. They my break in battle - but hit hard. The zombies and Possessed Plushes are very similar, although Zombies are weaker and hit multiple targets.

Dark Heart Blade is also very good if you can get your hands on them.

Shadou has all the abilities from the Lava Monster Quests. They do lots of damage of the fire type (especially Singe and Fire Storm).

Also Shadou has high intelligence. I tend to get close to the max for elemental weapons. Also it tends (in my opinion) to do more fire and dark type damage.
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Currently, for , I am using:

Devil Bomb, Possessed Plushie, Shantred Sword and Serpentine.

Is that what intelligence does? Seems like I have to buy some more books now (:
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