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Hi! I may not know a lot about verpets I just started but I sure know how to RP! I am in to warriors cats RPs so yeah:) that's that.

Pick a character from the list and I will reserve it for you. You will see what I mean if you look on the list I reserved a spot for myself.
Don't steal my clan names and cat names please.
No swearing on this THREAD! No inappropriate stuff either!
2 cats to a RPer
I can make more apprentices if I run out of room.



Leader: Willowstar: A brown tom with white paws and blue eyes.

Deputy: Applepelt: A cream colored tom with darker spots.

Medicine cat: Morningdove: A silky white she-cat.(Scourge/Tiny)

Medicine cat Apprentice: Beetlepaw: A small tortie she-cat.


Beepelt: A ginger tabby tom.

Apprentice: Petalpaw: A cream she-cat with green eyes.

Plumfur: A mouse grey she-cat.

Apprentice: Wheatpaw: A silver tom.

Weaslefang: A huge black tom.

Pinefang: A sleek brown tabby she-cat. (Scourge/Tiny)

Bearclaw: A huge brown tom with amber eyes.

Willowstorm: A grey and white she-cat with dark blue eyes.


Littlefern: A silvery she-cat with black patches. (Name your kits)

Quailfeather: A black and grey she-cat. (Name your kits)

(Name you elder)


I will start:

A dark tabby she-cat rose and stared out of the entrance to the warriors den at the bright sunrise. She pawed her friend awake, who lay next to her. "Wake up." She mewed.
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Aghh sorry I didnt realize that this was posted november 9th! Nevermind!
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what do you mean?

Oh, you think it's not active?
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