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Welcome to the first unofficial Verpets character bootcamp!

Character Bootcamp is developed and organized to encourage the creation of one to three completed characters. Ones that you can be happy with for more than just a few weeks before feeling like you need to redo the entire thing.
Additionally, it is my hope that it will help you develop a character with enough content that a reader feels impacted by the character and story you present to them on the page.
Last, but not least, it will serve as encouragement to really get things done, with the help of your fellow participants! We will do our best to support each other with coding, art, story ideas, or what have you.

In short, it is one month dedicated to an organized creation of characters. We will start with the basic development of the character, and go through everything from writing the story, to coding the layout.

The fist thing we need:
A willingness to work on a weakness.
If you are not the best artist, you will still be expected to participate for this project. If you don't think you're so great at writing, you're still going to attempt to write a story. Not great at organizing yourself? Well, you get it...
This bootcamp does not suffer cowards! The typical idea of a complete character requires a combination of these things, and while you writers will not need to draw every image on the page, and you visual artists will have plenty of help in writing a nicely structured story, you are expected to at least try.

The following is a mock schedule for pets:
Week 1 - brainstorming, rough drafts, rough sketches or references.

Week 2 - Writing. This entails a story/information/background on your character. Also you can mention OTPs and what not.

Week 3 - Art. Now for this part, you don't have to do the art yourself. A rough sketch or reference sheet (color pallet, description, etc) is required for others to draw your character.

Week 4 - Layout design and final adjustments. (There will be people to help with the layout as far as design and coding. But please have a specific idea of where your character is going at this point. General ideas will not be accepted. )

Participants who achieve their goals and complete at least 1 character will receive a trophy image to put on their character's lookup. This is not an official verpets trophy, just a little something to show for your hard work!


So without further a do, here is the roster of participants:

1.) Arachnid - Min / Med / Megara

2.) zephyrix - Worth / Armour / Skirmish

3.) Shame - Biohazard / Uncontrollable / Sven

4.) Heru - Keva

5.) Higgs - Vector / Volker / Boast

6.) Shiori - StarGlider / Raynei / Xuchilbara

7.) adalwen - N/A

PLEASE PLEASE mail/post your 1 to 3 pets being registered for character bootcamp, we WILL start on the 1st.
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i may as well join! i have a bunch of characters i need to flesh out properly so why not! count me in ahhhhh
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I was about to say "Sign me up" (defiantly) but I see there's no need for that! c:
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So we have four days to pick who to work on first yes? :3

I'm thinking that I might go with;
Worth - Karth. A brutish werewolf with a love for board games.
- Rebecca. A weapons loving chick that just wants to fit in with the guys.
Skirmish - James. That one guy who never did anything but was there.

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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That's fine wrath! Once the bootcamp begins, the selected pets will be put down beside your name. This way we can check up at regular intervals on everyone's progress.

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/throws self in thread

I volunteer! XD

I think I'll be working with , Raynei, and Xuchilbara.

My birthday is on January 11th! Party all day, erryday!! o3o
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/is tossed by zeph into the thread

Hey how's it going

Guess I'll try this I probably really need to

I'll go with , , and .
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Stop hoping and do it
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Think I've finally figured out my three.
Biohazard for sure

Sven (this one may change)
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Gotta collect 'em all!
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Good morning/afternoon/evening recruits! It's time to begin your first task for the week.

Week 1 - brainstorming, rough drafts, rough sketches or references.

You will begin to form ideas for you characters, a vague outline of what direction you would like to go. Examples would be baker who likes chocolate too much, or ex-cop joins marines, etc.

You will need to answer the following questions:

A.) How did your character come into existance?
B.) Which alignment does your character fall on?
C.) What reality does your character fall into? **
D.) Does your character have any powers/talents?

** = This is asking if your character is futuristic, fantasy, medieval, etc.

You will need to record this information along with any rough sketches on a visible page in order to receive credit for the week.

You have your assignment recruits, so I expect to see some progress. Get to it, and have fun!
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(for those who haven't checked back)
Stuffs been updated yo!
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