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I am a little confused of why when you go out to take down and capture verpets they can use like 4 moves on you. Its especially hard for new players like myself. So my suggestion is that maybe lower the attacks to like 2 hits or something.
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Can you clarify this?

I've never seen a pet use 4 attacks. Wilds skill set should be comprised of a max of 3 hits.
Weapon 1
Weapon 2

They are also adaptive in stats, so they will lower or raise to match the stat range of the pet you use against them. May I ask also what pet you are using to battle?
Based on a quick stats check I think Mushroom_Dapple is probably your strongest at this moment and with one or two low or decent tier weapons would do fine to get any basic pet type available via the search.

Here are a few decent low tier weapons that appear for low prices in the weapons shop:
Heart BladeIce BowBlack WidowBalkane Fighting GlovesOlive Branch Whip

Some weapon standards for players that are commonly recommended but do cost a little more Verpoints include:
Sunburst HalberdPossessed PlushieZombie
Note that of these 3 the Zombie actually stocks in the Custom Items shop not the Weapons shop from the Verpets main game shops.

If you're feeling brave you can also craft a Sand Sword with a little work. They are okay and SUPER easy to get.

And/or finally you could hit the gamesroom to play Pick-A-Number here: (I always guess 50.) and see if you pick up a random drop which can be a Matrix Canon

Hope this helps!

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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It does thanks!
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