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There is a new fortress in town, and it's all dedicated to you and your adventures on Verpets! We have a Ranking and Nations (Groups/Teams) system that involves the use of Vaults. We also have contests, giveaways, and trivia puzzles weekly. All this makes us who we are- Money Stack (although I like to refer to it as VerNations).

Members can earn EXP points from playing any of the games in the Members Page. When their Experience reaches a certain point, they move up a rank and special higher-ranked activities are open for them. These special activities offer more EXP and Verpoints upon completion, allowing you to rank up even higher! Different "Welcome" packages are given to members when they move up a rank.

Activities are updated weekly for our users to play and earn Verpoints. There are always a few skill games and a luck game or two. Giveaways are hidden in the form of free-play grab-and-go's, and Journeys happen monthly.

Some games are simple while others are more complex. With the Ranking system, we hope to have games that are just in your comfort zone, but aren't boring.

Nations are like clans, teams, groups, or cohorts. Doing activities earns NB (Nation Bucks) for your team and in turn gets you bonus rewards near the end of every month. We have Nations for different users with different ambitions.
- Field of Life (Gardeners)
- Battleyard (Battlers)
- Verpets Island (All-rounded)
- Artistipod (Artists and Writers)

There are also two new Nations:
- Troop Wilderness (Pets)
- Treasure Scouts (Items)
(A Nation for unoffical staff members may be added in the future)

Users are welcome to switch Nations any time if they feel like they belong in a different class. Certain activities yield more NB's if you're in a specific Nation.

There is also a system of hierarchies. Some positions are different, depending on the Nation, but all nations have a position for a Leader, council members, the Secretary, the Treasurer, Trainees, and of course- the members. There are also special positions like Armory or Head of Travel that vary between nations. More positions are soon to come!

Nations, at the moment, are quite small, but once a Nation has at least 5 members it may elect a Leader. The Leader is in charge of distributing banked prizes or points at the end of the month. They also decide where to take a journey for that month.

Journeys are a collection of games, riddles, and giveaways fused into one, with a plot revolving around the Verpets Island. Each Nation goes on its own journey to some place on Verpets. The Leader chooses the place and the reason. Along the journey, members will have to work as a team to overcome challenges, like riddles, trivia, battles, or side-missions like quests (that I come up with). Vaulted/Banked items can be used in the journey as "props" and they can be the reason why a Nation succeeds or fails a Journey. Items can also be picked up along the way and stored for the end of the month.

Since items play a greater role in journeys, Verpets items have a much greater Value in the fortress. They are used as props for the journeys and may be traded between Nations at the end of the month. They're not treated as normal items, with their hidden values. The NB currency can be used to trade for these props.


The ultimate goal of this fortress is to get users excited about Verpets and take on larger things like Gardening or Battling that they have never really taken a second look at. We make that possible by creating a new way for users to earn Verpoints and items, and we motivate them with what the fortress offers.

We would love you to join the fortress- it's really quite fun to play as a cohort! We hope to see you soon, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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