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Start Oct. 1st

Welcome to the North Winds!
Here with Kiraani(Your happy-go-lucky DM) you'll be able to travel all over Veropia.
She has been assigned by the High King of Iaseka to challenge the minds of his lands. The current grand reward, a glorious Memoria Egg! Of course, there are many other prizes also available from His Highness for all participants.
Why not take a glimpse into the loot chest that stands at the end of the game?

Each Campaign will be hosted by a different Nightflower Militia officer with a new grand prize and the event will last until the final objective of the campaign has been completed or until all Champions have died. If all the champions die the party will restart at the last King's Altar.
The master list of Champion's will be located in the opening post of the event.

So how do you participate? Just join in by entering a Champion in the form of any pet you own!
Please post the following form for entry and you may enter only 1 Champion, should this Champion die you will have to wait until the party rests at one of the King's Altar's to return.

Pet Name:
Pet Class:
Starting Stats: _HP _MP _STR _DEF _SPE _INT
Starting Abilities/Spells:
Starting Pack:

Please use the following to select your starting stats, abilities/spells, and pack:

Here is an example from Kiraani:
Pet Name: Chevalier
Pet Class: Traveler
Starting Stats: 8HP 7MP 5STR 6DEF 5SPE 9INT
Starting Abilities/Spells: Light Step
Starting Pack: None
Other: No current status effects, currently has 1 Vial of Healing and 12 Gold Coins


Current Dungeon Master: Kiranni Windseeker
Current Dungeon Challenge: Complete Kiraani's Around the World on 180 Winds Campaign
Completed List: None yet


Champion Registry

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
21.5 / 100 Mil VP earned
210 / 1000 - Educated Star
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Pet Name: Infiltrate
Pet Class: Merchant
Starting Stats: 6HP 4MP 7STR 9DEF 8SPE 11INT
Starting Abilities/Spells: Bribe
Starting Pack: Damaged Wooden Crate
Other: Nothing yet?

If I did anything wrong feel free to smack me |D
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