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Any and all forum chatting on any and all manga and anime can be done here!

From Hellsing to Naruto to DGray Man. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Any topics made after this will be locked.
"Laugh whenever you can. Keeps you from killing yourself when things are bad. That and vodka." — Jim Butcher (Dresden Files: Changes)
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my favorite is lucky star, but this one that i just started watching is really good too. it's called teh Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. here's a playlist for you:
it only goes up to episode 5, but you can still get the gist of it.
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I love Hellsing with such a passion that it's not even funny dude. There's also a yaoi manga that I really shouldn't be mentioning due to it's content called 'Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu' that I most likely love even more than Hellsing, even though it's rather short.
This whole post will be ignored, so there's no use for having this here.
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Tokyo Mew Mew rules all. o:

fffff It's my favorite anime. c:
Nothing to see here.
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XxxHolic is a wonderful manga ( the anime is behind) by CLAMP. Except it crosses with the Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles ( And I don't like that series. I haven't even gon past chapter 20 yet)

But I have WAY too many animes and mangas to talk about xD
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i don't even have a favorite anymore, but i've been watching a lot of k-on! lately. ouo

i remember when tokyo mew mew was on tv here; the 4kids dub was painful. i did like what i read of the manga, though, but i never got to finish it.
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ALICE IN THE COUNTRY OF HEARTS ROX MY SOX!! lol. Seriously, my favorite manga ever. Now if only I could find the last book so I can start on the sequel. Such an awesome take on Alice in Wonderland and Boris the Cheshire cat is AMAZING. :heart:.

I don't normally read the manga that are also animes just because I usually end up getting confused. SO I read the odd mangas that aren't on tv normally. I didn't acually used to like anime. I thought it was ridiculous. Then one night I was channel flipping and I saw Inuyasha jumping through the forest with Kagome and I was hooked.
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I second Fake! Hellsing is truly incredible. It is probably my second favorite anime of all time.

My favorite anime/manga is Berserk by Kentaro Miura and it is extremely underrated in America. Trust me, the circle of annoying otakus, yes I'm a bit of one myself but I mean 16 and still debating whether or not you should trade one yu-gi-oh card for another and then yelling at you for telling them that you don't like Naruto otakus, have not heard of it. The story is extremely brutal and shows both the worst and best of humanity. The whole thing takes so easing into and is defiantly not for the magical girl lovers out there but if you are up to an almost poetic epic then you can probably get into it rather quickly.

The anime on the other hand is a completely different story. It tells the entire flashback that is the golden age arc in the manga but ends in a complete cliffhanger, like the creators didn't want to go on. So frustrating. The English dub is pretty good too and the outakes are hilarious, especially when Griffith's voice actor randomly breaks into song xD
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My fav anime would have to be Sailor Moon. IT may be a little kid show, and it IS old, but its really good! I also like Bleach

and Animal Academy and Sugar Princess. EPIC MANGA'S. And vermonia.
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My favorite anime is Ghost in the Shell SAC. I do like Durarara!!!, Hyakko, FLFC, Kekaishi, Bleach, Inu=Yasha, Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon, and The Big O though. ouo ..Also Cresent Love.

I read Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Witch of Artemis, anndd I want to read Maximum Ride.

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