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[Ignore the poll xD I was curious and failed.... Sorry ^ ^' *A bit ashamed*]

We all know pokemon world in a way~ It's a lovely place, isn't it? We are also aware of the mean teams that have bad and evil plans... Still, it is possible to stop them~
But what could happen if all those teams united and planned themselves a master plan? May need some help with that, wouldn't you?


So basically this is a pokemon RP where you can be either a pokemon or a trainer. You can choose to be the good or the bad team member~

Adventure is calling~

But before that there are some things we would want to know and let you know

Are you a Boy or a Girl?
(- Prof. Maple)


Ok. Maybe not that. But some simple rules to make it easier to understand and avoid mistakes:

৩ The post you make can be long or short. It would be requested to be at least few sentences long though, but not a huge essay either
৩ You can be a pokemon or a trainer
৩ No legendaries here~ We all like the common pokemons more, don’t we? Shinies are ok, but not all of your pokemon can be shiny. One should be enough, right~?
৩ You can have 2 trainers or 3 wild pokemons. There are different possibilities, for example: 1 trainer 2 wild pokemon
৩ Your character can be from the antagonist team (Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma) or you can be ‘the good guy’ (such as Red, Gold, Sapphire and Diamond for example were like)
৩ Remember. If you choose to have a trainer as the character you play as, you can have up to 6 pokemon. You start with only one though. It’s more interesting to catch ne friends later on isn’t it? Max 1 shiny per trainer :3
৩ When you are creating your characters, be creative~ It would get boring for you and others by time if all of your characters were exactly the same. There are also a lot of changes for characters to develop during the RP
৩ If you don’t have a permission to do such things as ‘moving others character’ or ‘killing them’ or such: don’t do it
৩ You need to give the other player(s) a change to ‘dodge’ the thing you do. Mostly in a situation where a battle is going.
৩ No over powered characters please. Yea, you might have always defeated some people very easily while playing the actual game.. But let’s take this from another level. Loosing is fun too~ Keep that in mind
৩ In the start, when a new character comes in.. No higher level than 50 would be nice. It wouldn’t be too strong to start with and it would give the character a change to develop


And of course we need a simple character cheat

☀ Name:
☀ Age:
☀ Height: (Trainers only :3 If you don’t have the burning interest on putting it on to your pokemon too)
☀ Species: (Pokemons only of course)
☀ Gender:
☀ Team: (If no team, just put 'No' )
☀ Nature: (Shortly would be ok. Few sentences
☀ Info: (Anything special you would like to tell about the character?)


I'll give you an example with my character:

Name: Christofer Markov. Uses the name Toffi
Age: Appears as a 19 years old
Height: About 176 cm
Gender: Male
Team: No team else but himself and Feuer (for now)
Nature: Quite cheery and nice most of the time. He used to be pretty serious, but after becoming a friend of one very cheery person, he became cheery too. He becomes serious again usually if he eats surten medicine that is made for him
Info: Has good hearing and is able to see well even if the target would be far away
You can find a pic of him in my DeviantArt gallery
Like this (Sergei, Toffi)

Name: Feuer
Age: 16 (In pokemon years)
Species: Quilava
Gender: Female
Team: Travels with Toffi
Nature: Sassy
Info: Feuer is pretty mischievous.. She tends to get bored at times and she doesn't really think that Toffi is the best trainer ever, but she does care about him... She met Toffi a way back and they seemed to get well along. The evolution made her more mean though....

Level 20
Extrasensory (Ninetales), Flamewheel, Ember, Quick Attack


Character list so far:

✪ Trainer:
♠ Christofer Markov (Toffi), 19, male, no team. Feuer [ Reima ]

† Antagonist:
♣ Sergei Sila Volkov, 24, male, Team Galactic. Molnija, Cross [ Reima ]
♠ Konen, 17, male, Team Plasma. Kutsuu [ Piblaf ]
♣ Nenko, 16, male, Team Plasma. Ghostfire [ Piblaf ]

۞ Pokemon:

♠ Feuer, 16, female, Quilava, Toffi's partner. Level 20 [ Reima ]
♣ Molnija, 14, male, Luxio, Sergei's partner. Level 18 [ Reima ]
♠ Agroth, 8 (month), male, Charmander ♦, No team. Level 7 [ rocketgamecorner ]
♣ Cross, 17, female, Skarmory, Sergei's, level 20 [ VampireThief ]
♠ Sophie, 9, female, Miccino, No team. Level 23 [ chihuahua ]
♣ Smokey, 6, male, Cyndaquil, No team. Level 13 [ chihuahua]
♠ Nero, 15, Umbreon, No team. Level 30 [ VampireThief ]
♣ Kutsuu, 12, female, Sneasel, Konen's partner. Level 20 [ Piblaf ]
♠ Ghostfire, 9, female, Litwick, Nenko's partner. Level 17 [ Piblaf ]

So there we go~ Let's start the adventure shall we~?

♥ Gladly would be accepting some new trainers and antagonists~
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Name: Agroth
Age: 8 month's
Species: Shiny Charmander
Gender: Male
Team: No
Nature: Rash.
Ability: Blaze
Info: Was abandoned by his parents because of his shiny coloration. Due to this, hes whole life had been a battle. He has gained all of his food for himself, and constantly trying to avoid he's much bigger and stronger siblings. Due to this, he can't trust anything or anyone and has no social skills.
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Name: Alan
Age: 9 month's
Species: Pansear
Gender: Male
Team: No
Nature: Timid
Info: Was abandoned in Pinwheel Forest by his parents. The reason why is still unclear. He is the only Pansear in the world to have the special ability Blaze. All the other Pansears have the ability Gluttony. He has a bright personality and is very mischievous.
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Name: Lilly
Age: 12 year's old
Species: Lillipup
Gender: Female
Team: No
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Run Away
Lillipup is always able to run from wild Pokemon successfully, regardless of effects such as Mean Look, Shadow Tag, etc.

Info: Lilly was playing with her family in Pinwheel forest. She got lost and, Never found her family ever again. She is now a great battler. Her moves are Work Up, Protect, Thunder Fang, And Dig!
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There was a trainer, walking in the forest along side his partner pokemon. The pokemon wasn't really paying attention to anything, it was pretty much stuck in its own thoughts.. The trainer, in the other hand, was looking around a lot. You couldn't tell much if he was lost or such curious about all the things around him. You could tell that he hadn't been there before, nor had his Quilava... The forest seemed calm and quiet.. Almost too quiet, but the trainer 'blamed' morning from that. The nocturnal pokemon must have just gone back to sleep and the day time ones were most likely just waking up...
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Name: Cross
Age: 17 years
Species: Skarmory
Gender: Female
Team: No
Nature: Bold
Info: Cross travels a lot. She's been to every region known so far and has learned different battle styles from many pokemon. She has a navy blue scarf around her neck and a Cross- marking on her head (which is how she got her name) She's relatively friendly to new people but can be cautious around shady looking people and pokemon. So far she has eluded capture, but is looking to join any trainer's team that she deems is worthy.
Known attacks: Steel Wing, Fly, Metal Sound, Agility.
She is level 20 (Steel wing and Metal sound learned from her parents)
The Vampire Strikes when no one is watching
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Agroth Wandered around the forest aimlessly. He had not eaten for a few day's, and decided to hunt something. Agroth wasn't the prime charmander because he had been abandoned at a very young age, and was in pretty bad health. The only thing he could hunt were small and sick rattata's. He sneaked behind an weak looking rattata and attacked; A small bite to he neck and a small blaze of fire was all it took. The rattata fell down dead, but not before letting out an horrible loud skreaking noise. As Agroth started to tear small piece's of flesh from the rattata, he heard some mysterious footstep's...
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The Skarmory fluttered about the air, scanning the ground for food. Her metallic wings made a humming sound as the "feathers" rubbing together as she flew. Below her was a forest, a nice looking one at that. Probably ripe with juicy bug pokemon to munch on. She descended slowly and landed in a tree, fixing her scarf and looking around. Noting that it was early and a lot of the Pokemon were now coming out to greet the day.
The Vampire Strikes when no one is watching
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The trainer must have been awake for just a short while, as he yawns when he walks. He covered his mouth and rubbed his eye. On the mean while, you could swear that the Quilava rolled its eyes, as in the means of showing it wasn't that amused of the drowsyness of its trainer...
They kept walking. The trainer looked at his pokemon.
"Aren't you feeling a bit grumpy today~?"
The pokemon didn't answer, it just kept walking, partly ignoring the question. The trainer frowns for few seconds, but smiles after a short while.
"Just like you and your usual acting~ Meanie..."
As the trainer was talking, the fire-typed pokemon stopped to listen some sounds it heard nearby. This didn't really confuse the trainer, he heard some noises too..
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Agroth carefully stared moving closer to the are where he heard the footstep's. He could feel another fire type, much bigger and sronger than Agroth. However, he was sure it was not one of his sibling's or parent's. He was curious. He kept approaching it until he saw something. A human figure!
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