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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
// Salutations \

Yes. Salutations, indeed. I’m Pancake. Nice to be here. ^^ Y’all have guessed – I’m sure – that I am new to Verpets. That guess would be correct. This is the first RPG I have made on here, though I have RPed elsewhere. Several places. Proboards and whatnot.

With that said, I’d like to welcome all those interested to ‘Stars’.

Y’all might be asking me ‘Pancake? What is ‘Stars’ about? Movie stars? Celebrities?’

Well, that’s not correct, per se. Our characters might be sort of famous, but not in an ‘I’ve-been-in-movies’ sense.

Our characters are much more complex, and have…Majik on their side, to put it in simpler terms. ;D Doesn’t that sound just awesome?

‘But…Pancake? Isn’t that the normal kind of RPG? With Majik powers and all?’

…No, Tim. This time it’s different. I know I make a lot of Majik RPGs, but just sit still and listen to the Plot. I won’t smack this time because I love little Tim, uh-huh.


…What? xD</font>
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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
// The Plot Warning \

Erm…I put these here in most RPGs. ^^; I am a violent person. I tend to like movies with violence. Blood, gore, destruction, depression, suicide…all of that good stuff.

But…I don’t know how much of that…stuff Verpets would allow, so…this is a warning. I won’t be too violent, Ok? Just for all of the people out there who hate violence. I’m used to people liking violence, but…that’s just because I live in a baaaaad neighborhood. xD

Enough about me. The point is, I might mention blood in here somewhere, all right? Not too much. Just a little. Because there’s no ‘Stars’ without a tad of violence.

Oh, and I’ll do the best I can to keep this PG rated. Or G. Whichever Verpets Staff prefers. No cussing. I shall strive to…not cuss. Even though I do…quite often.

Nevana: And whose fault is that?

Hush, Vana-chan. Uhm…I talk to the characters I make…

I am not insane…
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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
// The Plot \

‘Bad. Girl bad. Shining girl. Bad. Evil.’

Her ears laid back flat against her head; a growl rumbling forth from her sore throat. It wasn’t all that impressive, but when one took into account the fact that she hadn’t had a drink or a decent meal in weeks, it made the sound seem as frightening as a lion’s roar.

“Shut it,” she snapped. “I’m not in the mood to deal with…oh, never mind. You two don’t understand a word of this.” The two children, each about six or seven, backed further into the corner. “And don’t think. It’s keeping me awake.”

Their scatter-brained thoughts didn’t cease until late into the night, and it was too close to sunrise to sleep at that point. Not to mention the sheer amount of fear that was racing through her own mind.

Where was he?

Had…had he been killed?

What had the scientists done to him?

She flicked her snow white tail in irritation; black pupils contracting in a sea of orange. Her face, pale like the rest of her, seemed drawn and tired. God, did she feel older than fourteen. After spending the last seven months of her life in a dog crate…of course she felt old.

She was becoming something…strange. Something that she didn’t want to be. All of her friends were. Lonnie, Fizz, Cara, Mange…Eagle.

Where had those monsters taken him?

“These things will make us rich.” Her ears shot up out of bright pink hair; twitching backwards and forwards; honing in on the sound of the woman’s voice. “Human DNA being combined with animal DNA…it’s amazing, isn’t it?” She heard a male’s voice respond, but couldn’t make out what he’d said. The two had gone out of her range of hearing.

‘Eagle, where…where have…’

Her thoughts were interrupted once more as the two children that shared her crate awoke; bringing their incoherent thoughts with them. ‘Bad. Girl bad. Don’t like girl.’

This was getting ridiculous.

If she could have asked for a crate-change, she would have. Too bad this heck didn’t work like that. All it did was burn chemical scents, blood, and death into a person’s mind, then dump them in the fire when their bodies gave out.

“Nevana?” Again, her ears pricked; swiveling to the left as a small hand reached through the side of the crate next to hers. “Nevana, when…when are we getting out?”

“I don’t know, sweetie,” she replied as she grasped the smaller hand in her own. “Lonnie? Go back to sleep.” She glimpsed a pair of bright blue eyes in the next cage. With that glimpse came the gleam of tears. “Please. I know you’re scared. We all are.”

“They took Eagle, Vana,” came a low voice from the same crate. Green eyes appeared beside the blue ones. “Vana, Eagle’s gone. I…I don’t think they’re bringing him back.”

“Mange, stop it,” she growled; baring pointed teeth. “You’re scaring the younger kids with that bunk.” She could hear sniffles coming from Lonnie, and she squeezed the young boy’s hand tighter. “You know he’s coming back. Eagle always comes back.”

A click made Lonnie recoil his hand, and she did the same; crawling to the opening of her cage. ‘Oh, God,’ she thought despairingly. ‘They have another body to dump.’ She shuddered. “Look away, Lonnie,” she breathed.


“Mange? Tell Cara to look away, too.” She heard the male whisper into the crate beside his, then sighed. “They don’t need to see this.”

The hatch to the Fire Pit was opened, and she watched two other scientists roll in a body with a white cover draped over it, as per the ‘Ceremony’. ‘I wonder who they killed this time,’ she thought as she tried to restrain her anger. ‘If I had a dollar for every time they’ve done this, I’d be one rich teenager.’

“Nevana?” She looked over at Mange, who’s long, black hair stood slightly on end. “You’d better look away, too.”


“…That’s Eagle.”


She shot upright; eyes quickly adjusting to the area around her. Grass beneath her, a fire dying nearby, Mange snoring loudly…and Eagle. Oh, thank God.

‘Why is it always him that dies in these dreams,’ she asked herself as she drew a thin, leather-bound book from her backpack, which sat just beside her. On the front, it read ‘Dream Log’.

‘Dear DL,

I had another dream about life back at the facility. I was stuck in the same cage as the Incoherent Thinkers, as always. It all replays…so clearly. Everything that happened, everything we said on the day of our escape…except for the end.

I don’t know why…but Eagle always dies. Somehow. This time the scientists threw him into the Fire Pit. Last time they shot him. The time before, they injected something into him. And the time before that, the hounds tore him apart. Each time, it’s a new death.’

She paused in her writing and looked over at the brunet, who now slept peacefully on the opposite side of the fire; his younger sister, Cara, curled up against him.

‘I think…it’s because he’s the one who keeps us together. I may be the leader, but Eagle’s the glue. Without him, we’d all drift apart.

Or maybe this is like my mind-reading. Maybe I can see the future.

No. We’d have to be recaptured for him to die like that. Or in any of the ways he dies…in my dreams.

In my nightmares, I should say.’

Again, she paused then nudged Mange awake. His green eyes were still plenty sleepy, but he sat up nonetheless. “What?”

“Sun’s gunna rise soon,” she replied. “Better wake the others.” The boy yawned then stood and shook Lonnie. “Thanks, Mange. I needed some help.”

“’Welcome,” he grumbled; still half asleep.

‘I know that living in that facility…messed us all up. But…if we hadn’t…we never would’ve found each other. Fizz, Eagle, Cara, Lonnie, Mange, and Nevana. Quite a weird group we have, eh?

Anyways, this is my entry for today.

See ya tomorrow.

~ Nevana'
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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
// Summing it all up \

Well, that isn’t my Intro, but it explains the Plot pretty well. So, the main Plot is this –

We are Humans who were taken by scientists and experimented on. Our genes were infused with animal genes. Any animal. Doesn’t have to be wild. Could just be a cat.

A few months back, there was a break-out, and most – if not all of the experiments – escaped the facility.

Why is it called ‘Stars’?

Because that was what the scientists called the experiments. ‘Stars’.

We’re sort of wandering now. We may have escaped with people we now call ‘family’, or we may be loners. In my characters’ case, there are six. A family of six.

Also, as many of you may have noticed, Nevana can read minds. That’s because in that facility, the Stars gained powers. An ability to control water, stronger than most Mortals, flight; the list goes on and on.

And that’s my explanation. My arms are killing me. I was playing boxing on my Wii last night, and, boy, do my muscles hurt.
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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
// Setting \

I’ll make this simple. We’re in a forest up in Canada. Probably somewhere on the border of British Columbia. The actual facility is in the mountains in the providence. Pretty well hidden.

It’s almost sunrise and the forest is starting to come alive. Birds chirping, squirrels running about, snow ready to catch the first few rays of the sun as it dawns. A truly beautiful scene.

It’s winter, of course, so the snow is quite thick in some places. A few of us might have been lucky enough to find a patch of grass somewhere.

Nevana: :3 We did.

Yes. You did. Stop gloating.

// Rules of the Game \

I guess just the usual. No Powerplaying (taking control of someone else’s character(s)), no Godmoding (having an all-powerful character), no Mary-sues or Gary-lous (no perfect characters) …you get the general idea. ;D I can’t stand a Powerplayer or a Godmoder.

Uhm, unlimited characters, but don’t be ridiculous. More than ten characters is…overboard. I can’t even handle ten. xD Usually. Six, I can handle…considering one of them is mute. Well, not really. Cara just doesn’t talk much.

Whatever powers you want are fine by me. And, yes. Two people can have the same power, so we don’t need to fight over them. =D Great, huh?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask ‘em.

If anyone wants a Character Sheet, just ask and I’ll post it up.

Thanks. ^_^
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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
|| ooc ||

And, I'm done.

Sorry for the length between 'information posts'. I went offline.
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Holy flipping COW, that's got to be the longest post in posting history. o_O Good thing Verpets doesn't have a character limit, ne??

I suppose I might be interested in joining, but...I don't do anthro/semi-anthro RP. Just quad. So it'll be weird.

And I highly doubt that I'm as complex as you are.

Or as windy. :D

So I need a character who used to be human, got experimented upon with animal genetics, and is now a humanimal with some kind of weird power.

Yes? No? Character sheet might help.

And I'm horrible at randomly inventing my own characters. Sure, I can make a descrip of a pet or something on a site, but without having something actually THERE, to look at and stuff...

Maybe I shouldn't attempt to join. BUT I CAN TRY!!

Trying to be more RP-complex isn't working so well.

My YouTube vid scares people.

Not in a jump-out-and-get-you way.

More of a "Hey, haven't we been warned about this??" way.
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Holy crud. I am so totally in that I can't even begin to explain it. I already have two characters set up in my head. If I could join? Can I join?! Pleeease?

Oh! If I could join I wouldn't mind a few character descriptions of your family. It just makes things easier for me, personally.

You're making an intro post, right? Right?


"I can't go on in a world with out Light."
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uhm...are we humans or what that is so complex but i have to say you did a good job tom just kidding i know your not tom i never even ment a tom:o

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Originally posted by the user Pancake, archived on Sep 13th 2012
|| ooc ||

Thanks for showing interest. :3 It makes me feel special, man.

That sounds fine. ^^ I suppose that a Human could have been experimented on so many times that they became completely animal. Makes enough sense.

Of course you all may join.

I do intend to make another Intro post, considering the other one was just Plot. Very strange Plot, but Plot all the same.

So, no worries about the descriptions.

Thanks again for the interest and joining.
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