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I saw video a few weeks ago of a few songs in concert by a band called El Trono de Mexico. And this woman had gone up on stage to dance with band members and then leaned on the lead singer's soulder.

About a minute after she started leaning on him, security interfered and sent her away. Should security have interfered that drastically? Or should they have given the lead singer time to let her know of his displeasure if there was any? I'm interested to know your thoughts on this.
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How 'drastically' was it? You said they sent her away. Unless you are pulled up there, it's well known that you're not supposed to go up there. The band is busy putting on a show and they shouldn't have to worry about fans getting in the way. Security is there to stop this, that's their job. At the very least they pulled her away so the band could continue and the singer could keep singing without having to stop to tell someone to back away. How would you feel if a strange woman got up and got into your personal space while you were busy?
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Er... That's not drastic at all. Wolven's right- unless you're personally invited onto the stage by one of the band members, you should know that you're not supposed to hop up onto the stage.

The band has a show to perform- they don't need uninvited strangers butting in. :C
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