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This came to mind while watching the New Year's show for 2014. In it, a song that was of extreme controversial nature was played live as the #1 most played song of 2013, and a not-so-great role model for young women was voted the most popular artist of 2013.

This got me thinking. It's said to be a large issue in this country for young adults, women in particular, to be given only very racy, very inappropriate celebrities to look up to. This is bad because they don't fully understand what it is they're taking part in when they seek to emulate these celebrities.

Should the media in the USA take greater strides to restrict what's allowed on television, or does this impede the freedom of speech amendment? What's more important?

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While I'm not fond whatsoever of the song/person from your example, I don't agree that restricting media is the way to go about it. For those of us who are older we have our right to choose whichever idiotic person we want to idolize (personally, I think most of us make fun of it instead of take it seriously). As for the younger generations, that's completely up to the parents to explain and/or restrict what their kids get into.

In the end, how would one even go about restricting these things on a national level like that?
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I don't think they need to further restrict anything. If we are talking about younger children, if they are doing something they don't understand, hopefully all it would take is for their parent to sit down with them and clarify what they are doing and why it's not appropriate. As for older people, I doubt restricting media would change their ways all that much, unless the government went after youtube, tumblr, etc. as well. --and all of that sounds like too much of a hassle for something that seems as simple as "can you use your own mind?".

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