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So I used to be really into roleplays, especially literate and detailed rp, but for the past few years I've stopped in my tracks. Can't quite say why, but I've become a very wishy-washy partner and starting roleplays with people causes me endless anxiety.

However, I still really love making characters and it makes me sad to see my pets just sit on my account without any love. Roleplays used to inspire me to work on them and give them details bios and now I struggle to get them all basic descriptions.

So, if you're up for it and might not mind me hiding my head in the dirt at times, I'd very much like to do some simple rp via pet comments. Doesn't have to be detailed, even something as simple as dialogue would be fine. I just want to exercise my rp muscles and maybe get back into the swing of it.

Not all my pets have bios, but most (if not all) do have characters. Look below for some basic rundowns on who they are. Some are connected with each other and just about all are OCs set in some sort of normal world IE not part of any established universe. If it is a fan OC I'll make note. Most of these should be in the same order they're found on my profile, but I'll try and group together characters who share a background.

Goodnight & Ohayo: Both are online influencers and best friends. Goodnight is an American twitch streamer who plays games and waxes philosophy on late night streams. Ohayo is a Japanese fashion vlogger and cosplayer who keeps things light-hearted and creative on her youtube channel MissPrint.

Brimstone: A dragon and dragon rider duo set in a world where Elves are the ruling class and hold monopoly on dragons in the Kingdom of Raharl. Skye is a human and one of the few human riders to have existed within the kingdom.

Antihero: In a world of superheroes and villains, Antihero has just gotten her superhero origin story after having her matter flipped into antimatter. She's still finding her way and has yet to truly get the hang on her powers and who she has become. Note: Can be worked into any pre-existing superhero universe

Fool: An immortal who stole the Book of the Fates way back when and was cursed to keep an eye on the Thread of Life in their place. Now every day is a new party for this very unserious man.

Wolfhound: A former US soldier turned gun for hire for an international mercenary group called Spectre. He looks scary but he's just some lost junkyard stray.

Dezhnyov: An alleged former Russian spy/assassin turned gun for hire for the international mercenary group called Spectre. She's mysterious and quiet. If you chance to meet her, you're either an ally or her target. Hope it's the former.

Yama: A Nekomata who was raised by monks. Although his shrine has long since been destroyed, he still keeps to the teachings... some days. Yama works as a traveling exorcist. A yokai who goes against other yokai.

Avalon: A compendium for a variety of fairy creatures for a long running roleplay I've had with Pain . If you fancy to chat here you might not know what kind of person will answer xD

Vulpine: A kunoichi for a Great Lord from the Warring States period in China. By day she is just the Lord's beautiful niece and entertainer, but by nightfall, she is his sword and shield. Note: I can work her into some other universes since she's got some fantastical elements

Doubloon: Still thinking on this one. Some sort of pirate.

Storyteller: Connected to Avalon and my fairy compendium, Storyteller is a fae-touched human woman who can jump into storybooks and (if her husband is anything to go by) video games.

Avale: A former Hogwarts student and aspiring journalist who works for the infamous Quibbler. Note: Obviously this is a Harry Potter OC

Festival A Kitsune from a long line of priestesses who feels most comfortable in a male form though it completely breaks tradition.

Yokai: An ancient and powerful yokai currently possessing the body of a human girl who is best friends with an exorcist.

Folklore: Still thinking on this one. Have no clue what I'm going to use him for.

Free: Daughter of Ember. A young woman with some control over fire and a bad habit for finding trouble.

Farewell: An immortal man who is often forgotten by the people he meets just as they start to like him.

Sven: Half brother to Temple, he is a half kitsune/ half tengu who was used as a pawn by his mother and has since grown into a less than moral guy.

Tokyo: Modern day kitsune who lives as a normal woman aspiring to be a mangaka.

Bloodlust: A cryptid hunter who works for the Salem Organization. She's nice enough and tries her best to be fair to both humans and cryptids, but she's got a bad history with vampires.

Lobo: Forgotten son of Limits. He was once just a human mechanic until he fell in with a bad gang who changed him into a Rougarou, a werewolf-like demon dog.

Absinthe: A bar owner at first sight, but if you know the correct people they might also let on to her other profession-an assassin and informant for the merc group Spectre.

Prankster: Shapeshifting student for the Salem Academy, a place of learning for cryptids and humans seeking to join the Salem Organization. Note: At some point I'm switching her name with Shapeshifter, so if you don't see this pet as a totem kaikou, look there! I'll be finding another use for Prankster's name.

Afterlife: Egyptian God of funeral rites trapped in a mortal body by the Salem Organization.

Archaic: A very old half demon who lends out his mansion to other cryptids and supernatural folk.

Bast: Egyptian Goddess of cats who was trapped in a mortal body by the Salem Organization and now works as a teacher and protector for the students of its academy.

Tome: Some say she's a witch, just like every Owens woman before her. Note: My Practical Magic/Rules of Magic OC but she can work in any world that can have witches

Biohazard: A deadbeat who died with the zombie virus in his blood and came back just like every other zombie... practically the same as before except for weird eyes and he now likes his burgers rare. Note: This version of zombie is quite different from the usual. His bio should expand more on the world he lives in

Holmes & Watson: Sherlock but with a twist. Both are modern-day college students. Holmes is an eccentric genius who can't stick with a major and spends most of his time doing whatever he feels like doing at the time. He has a particular interest in crime but doesn't like the rules of law. Watson is a young woman who aspires to be a doctor and only by chance got roped into Sherlock Holmes' oddities.

Caprice: Daughter of Temple and Unchain. She's a costume designer and lover of fashion who owns her own little store.

Love Still working on this one.

Dj: Son of Storyteller and Dishwasher. Currently he's a fae-touched former soldier turned detective who takes in human and supernatural clients alike.

Ember: A strange woman who can wield fire, turn into a wolf, and may also be the living prison for four very powerful demons. Mostly she likes to cause trouble and break things.

Faire: A unicorn that is part of my Avalon fae. He's most known for the time he stole a bunch of children from a town using only a musical instrument. Now in modern days he's joined a band... but there is much less child stealing.

: A woman doing whatever it takes to survive the Old West. Note: She is my Red Dead Redemption 2 OC but can work for any wild west tale

Grimm: Still working on this one.

Honeycomb: A pixie from my Avalon compilation. She once believed she was actually a bumble bee and has since become a protector and girlfriend for a fae touched human named Tos.

Moccasin: Still kind of working on this one, but she'll be a friend of Apaloosa and part of that world. Likely a Native American woman who travels with her.Note: A RDR2 OC

Human: An android who believes she is just a normal human woman. Note: Might sell

Indulge: A half Succubus/half angel who isn't all that good at being either.

Jabberjay: Either a contestant in the Hunger Games from the district known for their electronic inventions OR a high school girl whose got a chip on her shoulder, a bad attitude, and the smarts to back up her words. Either way she's a liar with the talent for mimicry and puts herself first. Note: She started as a Hunger Games OC but has also branched into just a normal OC in a normal, modern world. The character herself is practically the same person either way

Kastiel: A stone statue of a winged man who comes to life every so often for an undetermined amount of time.

Loner A delinquent with a bad attitude and a worse past.

Madhouse: A young genius who spends most of his days hacking his way into the virtual reality space. His avatar is a gun-toting, bipedal jack rabbit but really he's just a sickly teenager.

Midsummer: A Faun and part of my Avalon fae. She travels around to take part in Rennaissance festivals in her true form since most humans think it's just a costume.

Miracle: The Half demon adopted son of Temple and Unchain. He's rough around the edges and without direction until he started a band.

Nico: Another unicorn from my Avalon fae. Bassist for Miracle's band. Real black knight kinda guy.

Numinous: A magical mask maker of magical masks who is a little more than eccentric.

Predator: Still working on this one.

: Originally a pet for my cat, but I'm reworking her a bit.

Primeval: A cat sidhe employed by the devil to collect souls after her coven sold their souls.

Apparition: Rebellious grim reaper stuck in limbo until she can redeem herself.

Religion: An angel who fell into ruin and hunts the children of other Gods and Goddesses.

Roar & Meow: A killer duo for Spectre. Roar is an old soldier who went rogue after the death of his wife. Meow is the young girl who became a killer after her village was slaughtered. They're insepperable.

Chimaera: A cyber-enhanced secret soldier who was left without purpose until she joined Spectre.

Reynard: A smiling assassin who always wears a mask. He's a free agent who occassionally works with Spectre, though they rarely get along.

Sociopath: Mad scientist for Spectre with few limits who wants to prove that anyone can be just as depraved as he is.

Songbird: A girl born with the ability to see and manipulate sound who desires to be a musician and find the father she's never known.

Teahouse: Polite and cheerful, this young woman welcomes you to her teahouse.

Treats: A collection of Halloween-centric characters who discover a tea from a strange man that can temporarily make them into mortal beings in order to walk among humans.

trinity: Daughter of Temple and Unchain who loves philosophy and archeology.

Trust: A reluctant informant for the Salem Organization. He trades information for his freedom. He has the ability to influence people's actions and thoughts with his words and they know this could be a very dangerous power.

Temple: My former sona, a kitsune with the ability to bring art to life.

: A keyblade wielding girl whose past is a complete blank. She resides in Twilight Town with no way to escape. Note: A Kingdom Hearts OC

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I may hit you up later once things settle down on my end!
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Please do!
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Gotta collect 'em all!
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I'd love to do some very casual RP? Just to practice my dialogue, doesn't even need to make much canonical sense.

I see a couple of mercenaries-for-hire characters of yours c: Could pair well with Persecuted, he's under a similar line of work (for a syndicate).
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