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I have a bunch of pets with fairly detailed characters on here that I'm doing little with. So I'm trying to fix that...!

Things to know;

I don't really place much importance in how 'literate' my RP partner is. The length of your replies is something I can adapt to!

I like both paragraph and script.

My OCs are mostly male. I like malexmale pairings when it comes to romance. That doesn't mean I'll dismiss the possibility of a malexfemale pairing.

I'll RP via pet comments, vercomm or pretty much anything really... Let me know what works best for you. (8

My pets mostly have pretty detailed profiles. I've listed those I'd most like to use on this topic:

But if you want to browse yourself and see anyone you like the look of don't hesitate to let me know~ ^_^
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I'll rp over vercomm with you, if you want.
This sentence is false.
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