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Hello eVERybody!

There's a little side process going on as of this moment where Ferbie and I are actively handing out encouraging messages of the improvements made and soon coming to Ver to our older users who had long since moved on from the site! A few have peeked in and a couple have even returned completely which is beyond exciting to have them back!!!

However, we are only two people with the time to do this! And while we are working our hardest it has proven to be a difficult feat as there are many many dead ends and long roads to contact people.

That is why I ask you all, users of verpets all over!
If you still have any sort of connection to old friends that are gone. Please please please consider encouraging them and introduce new features such as the Crafting area! All the new achievements! New icons! New items! And the active and caring staff that tolerates 0 toxicity and actually listens!

They don't have to join again, no one is forcing their hand and I would hope it never gets to that. But some people have been driven off of the site due to past conflicts regarding toxicity, some have been driven off due to the amount of lime lighting specific people, and some have been driven off due to inactive management.


Exile is an incredible admin who works their hardest in their available time outside of important real life events in order to take care of our community and events. They listen incredibly well and are an amazing source to settle ones nerves of past issues!

Carl is the BOMB.COM! He works as not only our Admin but our site programmer and local codesman as well! He is also as amazing to speak to and is a wonderfully friendly personality!

Ferbie is the newest addition to the staff and she is usually always available to speak to about literally ANYTHING. She is quick to handle anything introduced and very kind!!! She is also offering returning and new user support packs of items to help people get started again!!!

If speaking to the staff is a little intimidating, I am also here! I can be a bit slow to replies as I have a bad habit of multitasking but I am always happy to help in any way I can!

Verpets has so much upcoming and in the works thanks to our amazing team!!! It would be a dream come true for old users to give this nice clean up a chance and possibly just be reminded the site even exists! :)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all are having a divine day!
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Amazing idea <3

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Good to hear considering I've previously been booted from the site because of my family situation, and toxcisity there. Man, oh, man, returning and being real active sounds fun though.
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