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As I tried to bring to attention over the shoutbox, the flash games won't work for most people unless they take some time and are a bit tech savvy to workaround the problem.
I'm here to suggest something that might seem like a lot of work for a single person, but I'm willing to help as well to take on the task (although I'm not really sure if the hard work might be worth it given how dead the site seems to be right now).

Here's my idea:

Remaking the games with one of the currently available options for web playing.
HTML5 or even Unity could work for that. HTML5 is the standard nowadays, though I really haven't used it. Unity is rather accessible and maybe the games could be translated easier to Unity given Unity uses both C# and Java and Flash's ActionScript was pretty much Java for dummies.
Following the Unity translation idea, we'd need the source files from the games, and honestly I have no idea on how you transfered the won vps and the end scores to the site (probably rewriting something in your database from the player?), but I'm certain both options should be able to perform such task too and translating from AS to Java shouldn't be too hard.

Either way, that's my idea, and I know it might not be viable if all source files and assets are lost (since I'm aware there's about no staff left from what I could gather from lurking big names from the past), but if what's left of staff think it can be done and need some help, I can spent some of my spare time as a volunteer programmer.
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