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I am writing a fanfiction based on BBC's Sherlock.
Soe the main case is supposed to be multiple murders using Hydrogen Cyanide, which could be mistaken for heart attacks leading to cardiac arrests, although the stumoing thing would be, why more than one victim?
Right, so Sherlock's all like ' I smell almonds' and he figures it out after smelling all the rooms.
Well cutting to the chase here, the murders were all a distraction while a museum's security shuts down and something is stolen.
I'm planning for the person to leave a note describing a place, and Sherlock goes alone as per his personality. The culprit is waiting, sprays Hydrogen Cyanide in Sherlock's face and runs off. Sherlock texts John for help.

What I haven't figured out is what should happen after. Should john carry out neccesary procedures and then call an amulance even though Sherlock would probably really hate that?
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