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kangaroo,also,i think it would be fun to have like a race type thing,like the caluseums but with speed as the main thing w/power and hp,power & hp making it more eciting,weather against a computer, other players, or both,it would be fun.

also anouther good pet might be an alien type creature, only found in say mountain tops,feilds,tidal pools, or hey,u could add an entire area to the island to explore where "mysteryous" things are happening,but if by chance you do read this,please fix ice mountain,or the dessert zone,



p.s. Chin Chilla too:P
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Originally posted by the user just_meow, archived on May 15th 2013
We need something like a Loch Ness Monster. Yeah. ^-^ That'd be so cool.
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Well.. it's needed! Oh and perhaps some fire pets too ;P

Like, you add a cloud in the "Explore for pets" thing, and you can search the cloud for pets. And then there's like this little volcano in the ocean and you can search for some fire pets there. It's pretty cool, huh? OwO I like it :P
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Oooh, I'd like to see a Griffin! Y'know, those mythical creatures? Yeah, Griffins. :D

Edit: Oh, and Verpets needs a fish pet. It just needs one.
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How about a cute chick or chicken?

Or a fighting chicken? A chicken morphed with a raptor... :D

Or a mongoose with sharp claws?

Or a distant-relative of the three-tailed fox verpet, but this time it's a two tailed wolf?

A saber-toothed crocodile?

Or a better snake, with spines, and two wings!:heart: It can even have two heads and a tail like a blade!:)
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I definitely concur with osprey. Do want. Ospreys are rad. Or maybe a Peregine Falcon on steroids. It's already the fastest animal using aerodynamics and gravity, so if you make it even slimmer and faster and - I dunno - add artistic flair and spunk, it would look fabulous~~ 8D

Also, I very much desire a pet with mechanics involved. I was thinking half-machine, half-animal, though any variations of machine parts and animal parts would be fine with me. I'd just absolutely love a machine-type animal. Perhaps they were bionic pets that come from a faraway land, or the machine is part of the animal somehow, feeding and living with the host? -shrug-
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Monkeys!!!Verpets needs monkeys!(And cats too,but I like monkeys better)

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Oh I made up an animal in a story of mine.

It was covered in a short dark purple almost black colored fur. It was about two feet high. As large as a cat, but it stood upright on two legs. It looked feline-like but with a longer maw like a rabbit. On the top of it's head near the sides were two short, black, ringed horns that curved slightly. Just below the horns were two slender rabbit-like ears. From it's head to the tip of it's tail , was a long mane -like hair, but cut short like a low Mohawk, getting thinner as it reached the tail, it was a lighter purple in color. It's tail was long like a cats, yet broad like a kangaroos. On it's back were two neatly folded leather wings, like a bats. It's hind legs were rabbit-like yet kangaroo-like as well, and like a dog or cat it walked on it's toes. It's front legs, were more like arms, strangely it had hands like a human yet they were paw-like as well. Each finger tipped with a small, sharp claw Much like you might see a mouse or rats paws.

It's called a Nemer. ^-^

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I personally would really appreciate a hyena, though i'm not sure,perhaps Kaikous count for hyenas.

And a striped lynx'd be something to die for +_+

Yes, that'd ve another cat but hey.. just imagine that long-eared stripy fiend B3

A secretary bird might also make an amazing pet :3
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Hmmm... maybe a long black dragon, but with a snake like body, and angel wings?

That's Asis and Dafria ^_^ Asis is meant to be male, so take away the... Female parts of the human character here and make them mal;e.

And that's Chandra and Luce.
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