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I like cyopets, but yeah, I would like it even more if it was easier to make money and they didn't have the "your pets can really die even though they are virtual pets" thing....I don't care what the reasoning behind it is and I think it's stupid to make virtual pets "die" can teach kids and teens about real pets, death, ect. without making their virtual pets die. I think marapets "art" is horrible and I was not surprised to learn (from a seperate post elsewhere on here) that it was/is confusing to navigate as well. I have a lot of love for Neo but for the most part I agree that Neo has a lot of problems as well. I disagree about the art..the older art is sad but I love how much they improved over the years. It's depressing though, sometimes...knowing about the users (most of them need to be banned and Neo should start afresh/anew by making a test or's sad that I even want that for them because whuddleworld has that but it makes me angry on that site since it didn't use to have a citizenship test. I think it's wrong for whuddleworld but I see a need for such a thing at NP) There's some nice people on NP but unfortunately more often than not it's like why are most people even allowed to be on there?

LOL Trik I totally am the's really too bad that the "art" kept me from joining and holds back the site, I'm amazed it's popular at all with that "art". I'm a fan of other sites that have what some might consider "primitive" art but even their art is better than mara's. Sorry mara fans.

I find it amazing that somebody thinks there's nothing to do on Subeta...well, Subeta isn't really for kids anyway so there shouldn't even be kids on that site in the first place. Sigh.

Anyway....there's lots to do on Subeta. Especially on major holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

I find it a little funny that people are complaining that it's hard to make Neo Points on Neo Pets. It just depends on how good you are at games and if you're willing to sit there for a very long time doing nothing but playing the mini games. Really, besides the usual "sell stuff you don't want or need in a usershop" thing there's tons of mini games on the site. There's a special link too that you can go to that once every month you get like 1k or so and your pets choose food.

There's a couple of ways to get free items and stat points, ect. too.

Really, if you just google for the info you can find out how to win at various games and about the dailies/special links you should look out for.

Since I'm rarely on NP anymore I don't make much money usually 'cause I don't have the patience anymore that I used to for all the playing of mini games and stuff you can do there to make money. I usually just go on every day in winter and collect everyday from the advent calendar. LOL

Rescreatu - Hate how the "feed pet" feature works (stupid popups!) but love the art and stuff...don't really see people being mean so I don't agree there about that. Not long after I had first joined up the site got hacked, so that was a horrible time for everyone...everytime they have something wrong with corrupt staff/users and downtime, bugs, ect. it bites but overall they are (usually) really solid and things are nice.

Neuro : Nice people and art, but trying to make and save up enough money can be a pain. Things can get slow.

Teripets : I think they've gotten better about updates but they're probably still slower than other sites when it comes to updates. They're not as slow though as some people claim.

Galapets : Nice art but unfortunately they decided to take it down to do's supposed to be coming back soon (they'll open up forums first though before the rest of the site)

Well, it did have some bad issues when it was open but still...they could've left it up and worked on things while keeping it up, instead they decide to take it down? Annoying.

Sorry for the long post but I thought it best to put it all in one place and all, didn't want to break the rules by posting a bunch of different threads and
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I have more to rant about Marapets. :D

There's loads of anti-begger rules which is weird as one time I set up a forum asking how to delete an account. (For a friend) And I got 4 maramails asking 'Can I have your Marapoints/pets/items?'

And the staff'd freak out if they saw the Debate forum here. It's rather obvious they're catering for little kiddies.
Haha No.
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Originally posted by the user Narissa, archived on Dec 10th 2013
my biggest problem with neopets: it is unfairly "USA-centric". many features are not available for my country. i am an adult, have my own credit card, paypal account and i am still not allowed to buy neocash... heh, they don't need my money?!?! O_o; even "smaller" petsites let me buy their pixels! i can't buy neocash / nc mall items, no lutari island, can't go to sponsored places, etc... it's just too unfair.
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I'm not TOO bothered by Neopets except for two things, both involving the forums there;

1. It moves so damn fast. D8 Because of the sheer size of the site, everything is busy and quick and it's hard to keep up with the boards, roleplays in particular.

2. The character limits are stupidly small. How are we expected to roleplay as if we have an ounce of literacy and experience when we can't even spit half a paragraph out in a single post? Eugh.
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The World of Ai.

In September, they took everything down to recompile the images. "Should only take one day", they said. Then "only a week". Then "we have to get ____ guy to do it, it's a full day of work". 6 months later, all of the images are STILL dead, no further updates on ANYTHING but CHRISTMAS CARDS. Oh wow, like people give half a damn about Christmas Cards to a select few users! I'm so fed up with it, even if it's a good concept. Ugghhh. >[
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I need a good rant X3

Anatheria (Kenopets)

Liars and drama.

I remember once I was lurking the boards on it, a girl posted that she was pregnant. and showed us a ultra-sound scan. She claimed it was hers and that she was a month and a half pregnant. The baby in the ultra-sound was four months old. Her facts were HORRIBLY off. So I told my friend Quinn (Because I wasn't on the site at the time. I would read from his screen) to tell her what I say. Of course she was pallies with the staff, who told me I was wrong when my sister was pregnant before and I saw everything. Her ultra-sounds and everything.

Then the girl gets all "Heh um let's uh just delete this board..." she got afraid that someone else, pregnant-savvy would see her mistakes. I lol'd so hard and so did my friend.

And another thing that annoys me is those stupid marriages. They have internet marriages. And then they hold HUGE post parties about it and are "Husband and wife 4 eva!". It's annoying seeing twelve different posts about "I'M MARRIED TO ______! GIVE ME GIFTS NOW!"

Plus Dark or whatever her username is thinks she's "Egotistical' and tries to be the toughest, hxcest, meanest user ever. She tries too hard though. Wow, your SO hardcore Dark. e.e


All I can say is when one user makes a fad they all grovel in it. One user makes a fashion signature, then you got millions of users doing the EXACT same thing as them. That and only the 'famous' users get replies to their posts. I've seen unknown users have wonderful boards who get NO replies, yet a famous user will make the same exact board and get six million posts and replies in like a minutes.


Heh heh, lol I"m one of the trolls ruining Neopets. Mainly, in the I/S (Idea/Suggestions) people may seem stupid, but they're only being sarcastic in almost every sentence they post. I used to be an I/Ser but oh well c:


Is it just me or do the majority of the users seem to be total jerks there? You post something and guaranteed you'll get a rude or mean reply. Then one user decides to make Subeta Drama, and omg I have to say the users show their true 'itchy side there! They even went as far as to make horrible fun of obese, crippled and not the sexiest kids. I was all "You fuggin jerks!" (Excuse my language but I am VERY angered at this)

There was an obese girl and they were calling her fat, ugly and omg it was horrible then the girl they were making fun of saw it and I felt so bad for her. They are jerks. And yeah there's way to much drama. And when someone TRULY needs help I've seen replies such as "Go drink a gallon of bleach" or "Go kill yourself.".

They're evil. Truly evil people.


I like it but I will also always carry a dislike to it as well.

I remember I once was going through a VERY hard time and I thought I'd share it with them.

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

All they did was berate me and yell at me. Some even laughed at me. Thanks for the uplift guys. e.e

I think that's about it D:
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maras cool neopets got boring and ive never heard of cyopets it sounds horrible
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Originally posted by the user Lyrella, archived on Sep 15th 2012

It wasnt real long ago when I was last on Neopets. I tried again to make the best of it, and to be nice. Nobody even said a simple "Hi" to me or tried to help with anything. I agree, Neopets is way to childish and the staff are wayyy too strict.

I've been going on Teripets since early 2006, but I did'nt stay long. It was'nt untill August or September of last year that I came back on on another account. I still go on there but not as frequently as I used to. (WoW takes up my spare time, its a fun game.) Its fun and I ove the are and how close and generous everyone is. As a newbie I got many free coloring potions.

Marapets is not a site I've ever been on, but I have seen the HORRIBLE art work. I'm 13 and I could draw better than they ever could. Worse, I know someone who goes on Marapets, who's MY age!

Lastly, Subeta... I stayed there only for a good 2 days. The artwork is fantastic, though nobody is nice at all.
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Marapets really bugs me, for several reasons.

- Too many bugs.

- Staff ban you for several days if some idiot reports you over some so called 'fight' which was only a game like. :shocked:

- No free speech.

- Bad art work

- The old art work doesn't go with the new artwork ( which is a completely different style )

- Some of the staff on there have no qualifications and either some bitter old fools, or are incredibly stupid.

Yet, I still go on day after day :S

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Originally posted by the user Doriru, archived on Dec 10th 2013


-It was the first site I joined back in 2005. I made a great friend who got me to join Teripets. The site had nice people on it, but you had to hunt for them. I'm tired of all the fakeness and 'noobyness' of the site as a whole. It's too big, and is a giant sell out among pet sites IMO.


I hate that site, even if I was on it for 3 years.

The older users think they're all that and the news users who come on try to be all that. Also, I agree with what Becci said up there about TP. When people make a fad EVERYONE gets into it. I left that site because some female dogs took mine and my friends fun little ideas we had. We had these bible fights over aim and occasionally on threads for fun, and then here comes Somethingevil( a really crappy artist) and Klavier taking the idea and trying to be the top dogs on the site.

Also, most of the artists on that site suck, most of the staff like Protocol try to do all the jobs instead of sticking to what she's supposed to do even though she stinks at her job, and staff break the rules all the time and never get punished for it.

And I have not joined many other pet sites long enough to have an opinion. :D
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