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Marapets= staff is horrible, to many advertisements, but other than that its OK.

Ettapets- doesn't update to often, nooby chat speak users, but V2 is coming out soon.

Verpets- I'm not on very often, but I think this is thee best site I have ever played. It updates all the time, its got hardly any advertisements, beautiful art work, it is never having errors, friendly people. :)
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Verpets: This place is better than Heaven!

Neopets: They're not getting any of my money,I don't care how much they want it.

Marapets: Ech.

Zetapets: Unsure what to say here. It's just...fine. Not good,not bad.

Kiropets: Too inactive. I joined thinking it would be active but nooooo. It isn't.

Giropets: Inactive for 2 years+(dead), horrible people:they swear,they spam,say mean things to each other, too many 10 year olds there

Kenopets: I haven't been there in ,like, a year. It was okay,but too boring.

Powerpets: I don't like. Too...I don't know.

Teripets: Don't like the pink.

Wajas: I just joined,so I don't know. It looks too depressing,though. Every page is...dark.

Subeta: Too hard to figure out.

Ichumon: It's fun,but there's too many people there.

Ettapets: I don't know. Never joined it before.

Rescreatu: I can't understand why everyone likes it. It's okay,haven't been there in a while.

Neuro Galaxy: It's awesome,but I don't know why I don't play it anymore.

Misticpets: Too boring. Layout may be great,but too boring there.

Kuepets: Good.

Venetopia: I think it's great,it's just too inactive.

Wytheria: It's awesome,although I don't go there anymore.

Corepets: I don't really like it because I can't logout.

Alleypets: It's good, has lots of potential,but kind of boring right now.

ChibiPaws: No way.

Cenopets: Too boring and inactive.

Cyopets: I come back,and all my pets run away.:( And I can't right click unless I disable the right click menu on every page,which is annoying.

EvoDragon: I don't really have an interest in dragons...

Chickapets: Looks way too kiddish.

Lunapets: Never going to return. But wasn't really good at first.

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I've signed up to a lot of pet sites but I only really go on Verpets. Mainly coz other sites get boring after a while.

Marapets: I was addicted to Mara for ages but it did have a lot of problems. SERVER ERRORS! They drove everyone mad. And really they had too many limited edition pets, and they'd seriously gone overboard on the colours. (They've got Light Fairy and Goblin right now I think). And they pets, well they all looked like a real animal not something crazy. Somethimes, they can go for weeks without propper updates, people went mad after a month of lottery winners. And people took clubs WAY to seriously. ADVERTS! There were like 5 on each page, advertising IMVU and rubbish like that. It even advertised Neopets cheats... *sigh* I'm sure there's more things I could moan about...

Neopets: Sign up was complicated. You end up with a rubbish username coz they rest are all taken. Your pets end up with a rubbish name too. But I got put off the most when I found you had to pay real money. BLEEH!

Verpets is the best by far really. With Oekaki, Pet Profiles and Roleplaying and stuff.
Haha No.
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Neopets: Sign up was complicated. You end up with a rubbish username coz they rest are all taken. Your pets end up with a rubbish name too. But I got put off the most when I found you had to pay real money. BLEEH!

Yeah, the fact that you have to get neopets mobile for Lutari Island is EXTREMELY stupid. I actually like the NC mall and stuff 'cause you can buy clothes for np...but dude, paying for another world? >.>
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Originally posted by the user deathworld, archived on Jan 13th 2012
Players Online: 36,688 | Total Neopets: 245,674,274

Yet people still go there?

I wonder why?
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The thing that really bothers me is when people compare Verpets to Neopets. HUGE differences between them. Any slight likeness and people pick at it like vultures.

Here's one that really bothered me. I won't point any fingers though and if you know who it's from, no saying names.

"Verpets is so boring there's nothing to do, and barely anyone goes on.

Take neopets for example they have more then 50,000 members in a day"

For one thing, Neo has been on it's feet and running for years. Verpets is still a baby of a petsite, only just now learning to crawl. D'aww. Baby Ver. So of course there's not going to be 50k plus users or a billion activities to do. Not just yet, anyway. The fun thing with ver is that we're here to watch it grow. If you find it boring, then leave. You can't appreciate it for what it is so far. You'll see. It's no neo-copy XP

Ooookay. There's my rant.

I love you Verpets! xD
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Neopets is over-rated.

If you say 'pet site' to someone they'll say Neopets.
Haha No.
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Originally posted by the user Lindsay, archived on Dec 10th 2013
Mysticwillowgrove... OMG.

Only join if you like being bored. The forums are boring. They use CLIP ART. The actual art SUCKS. They rip off a lot of stuff from other sites. The staff are jerks. They tell you to join then treat you like crap. If you're from another pet site they'll ban you because they think you're gonna steal their ideas.
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Originally posted by the user Tigris, archived on Dec 10th 2013

Used to be okay. I used to roleplay there, it was a fun thing until the whole G rated thing came in. When my friend told me that it was now TVT, I kinda realized how pathetic it was to play a petsite for little 10 year olds. It kinda made me freaked out when I saw my 9 year old sister play it.

The STAFF. You could change what they said when you report someone! They ban you even if you've said something like "hello". I dont think its fair at all.



Ew ew ew ew ewwwwwie! "OMGZ, I GOT BANNED!" Well, who cares anyway? The art is gross! Its just a whole bunch of two year olds sketching with a mouse, I bet.



It was a cool site until it became anatheria. I had no idea what to do, so I left. The people there were catty and rude, the staff took everything so seriously.



Teriburger! No no no no, I just dont like it. The layout was too cluttery.



I went on it yesterday, matter o' fact. It was super cute until I saw the forums. The forums were cluttered and bad, the site had a lot of bugs.



I actually really like that site until my friend told me she did a Norton scan and it came up with a LOT of viruses. So I just don't risk it.


Ah. Felt good. I have a few about verpets but I feel I need to leave that out.

(I love verpets, dont get me wrong :D)
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I'ma rant too now I suppose.

Neopets - Can't really say much except that I rather dislike it. Only there for a few months when I joined four years ago before it killed the computer I was using (yes, it killed my computer. I'm not kidding). It's all just a big business anyway, so I'm not going back again for certain.

Marapets - Terrible, terrible, terrible graphics. I joined in 2006 and hoped that it would get better graphics in time since it wasn't too old back then.

Two years later and it's still the same, graphic quality-wise.

My original reason for nearly quitting and giving away all of my hard-earned 40 million MP over the time I was there was actually because of the numerous tween girls flirting with my boyfriend and me, it was the lack of real updates and of course the art that never got better that kept me away for good.

Subeta - Made an account just last year after months and months of keeping off of petsites. Somewhat smaller, more stuff to do, got way up on the Mystic Spindles game (you can probably still see me on the high scores list as Schuhficher over there). And the art wasn't as much of an eyesore as Mara.

And then my boyfriend got banhammered for the reason of making multiple accounts because he spoke to this one user who kept making multiple accounts just for finding a better username.

I tried to reason with them, I got the robotic response that only he could talk to them about it. I convince him to talk to them, and they don't care anyway. He thought of maybe making a new account, but of course, I return after a while here to see what has happened, and that place had a worse lag than one of Verpets' bad days.

Also, you can't mention, and thus you can't rant about, other petsites on Subeta like you can here. ;)

So I close with saying that even though I've only checked out four different petsites in a four year span, I can say that I do appreciate Verpets especially. It might just be because it's so small and the youngest I've joined (barely five months old when I first came), but the community is wonderful. Staff can actually be approached like human beings (and their most fun to chat with even). The art is wonderful and improving for once as well.

And I do hope that Verpets, as it grows, doesn't change into ways that have made other pet sites such a turn-off to me.
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