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Hm...Cat Tails. That sounds like Zetapets.

Oh my gosh! Zetapets is super horrible! It hasn't changed in three years...I'm starting to think the staff abandoned it X3
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Neopets- I'll never leave, but it is annoyingly G rated and arg. :angry::angry::angry:

So I sneak a few of my more.. X rated charries here. By X rated I mean.. characters that can actually be violent etc. Nothing to bad people. X3

Grumpy Rhy is grumpy.
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Warning: May contain noobspeak, strong opinions, and brain frying.

The site does update everyday, it is the number one petsite on the internet, though the staff don't do much to keep it that way, there is never any staff members rummaging threw the forums to prevent a topic from getting out of hand, even when it was made for that purpose exactly.

The only time the staff ever step in, is when someone reports, and more often than not, they just ban, no looking in to the situation, no warning/heads-ups, not even a three strike rule, they say they're always watching, when the truth of the matter is, they're never there to push their own rules.

Then there's another problem that I've seen several complain about, Roleplaying, many have said that they can't even put the word "Love" without getting a week banned, in other words, they're WAY to strict, the roleplaying board is filled with babbling illiterate noobs that can't spell to save their life, and the sad part is, the ones who are literate don't have an option in stopping these noobs from joining in, if it's not in the neopets rules, it isn't against the rules.

Then there are the users that will post wherever they feel, and what i mean is, that there's several users that don't even post in the correct board, they'll be asking for a pet trade in the "Fan Club" section, who in the world would be wanting to trade their pets there?

Now's time for the jelly non-believers, they know it exists, they've received jelly before from it, yet they purposely start fights over it, I understand the people who go "Jelly world is fake -link here-", but it easily gets out of hand.

For my next speech, I'll be speaking of the beggars, "caen ie borow aen FQD pleez?" who's gonna trust you when you talk like that? Honestly? Collateral is the only trust worthy way on neopets.

Okay, enough about the immaturity level, i think i fried half my brain.

Now i don't really mind the fact that the pets have changed, but many users do, the problems i see are mostly centered around...

1. Appearance: The pets aren't as cute and cuddly as they were before. (I mean look at the Chia)

2. Clothing: The money kicks back in around here, i think we all know about the "NC Mall", paying real cash for items that will be in style for a month, or was never in style in the first place.

3. Accessories: You ever notice that if your pet isn't holding something, their hand still sticks out, this is the thing that mostly drives me mad, they could have made a pose where their arm wasn't sticking out all the time, waiting for something to land in their hand or something.

And for my final rant of neopets...

Games: Most are fun, but lately they've figured "*gasp* this person is getting 30k a day, we must reduce the games winnings so it's even harder for people to reach their goals! 1.00 to 0.30" people are having troubles staying motivated enough to get the 30k a day goal, let alone try even harder for 20k a day.

Quests: "Hmm.. only 200? Easy! *checks shop wizard* WHAT IN THE!?!" This is an example of how i feel about the shop wizard, it's the main source of all Neopets, without it, we'd all be a quivering ball of goo, either the quest givers are outrageous, the users prices are outrageous, or the item(s) asked for alone is/are outrageous.

ok one last one, then I'm done.

The gosh darn, points picking, stuff snatching, Money Tree! Not only is it almost impossible to grab something in time, there are most likely instant electronics involved some times, to grab something in 0.01 second, can only be the work of a cheater/hacker, no i don't got proof, and yes i might be going crazy, but this isn't 100% disbelieving either, i mean, how many times have you actually got something worth while?

Anyways, I'm done with my rant, hope you enjoyed it. :)
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I've never bothered to make a neopets.

A waste of time, to me.

I go here, daikopets, and marapets.

That's it.

Oh yeah, I want you dad. =D
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I like Neopets for the games, but holy crap. How on earth are you supposed to get any NP on there?? The prices of things are absolutely ridiculous, and I can't be bothered to play the games every day and put my NP up by about 200.. And the 1,000 NP limit on the games. WTF?! The art is also terrible and ofc all the freezing is just out of control. I don't know how that site is still around. It's ridiculous.

Subeta; oh how I adore the art on this site! But there isn't hardly anything for the users to actually do on it. Nice art, yes. But they have virtually no games, nothing new or exciting or anything to hold my attention! All you can really do is browse the forums.. Which aren't the nicest place in the world as they seem to attract the "petsite elite" if there is ever such a thing, and I hate feeling like small-fry compared to them :/.

Anyway.. I'm sure there's plenty more sites out there I hate, but I can't be bothered to rant anymore :P heh.
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Everyone is freaking rude, the staff yell at you, they dont bother to do anything, THEY break the rules, but they cant get in trouble, yet innocent users are banned.

Their GRAPHICS - holy crap.

I hate their graphics. The pets, they look flat-on-paper, the coloring is horrible -

and if I had photoshop and a tablet, /I/ could do etter.

and im like, thirteen, which probably happens to be older than half of the artists there, and im probably more mature than a few of the mods.

-end of story-

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Now, I work for this site called Teripets. And I love it. We've got awesome pets, awesome artist, a nice userbase, so everyone pretty much knows each other, etc. etc.

But we haven't had any actual updates in a while!

Oh, sure, we still have item and pet updates, but we haven't had any new games, our Underground is buggy, and we have ONE active programmer, and he's got this really annoying holier-than-thou attitude.

And it's all because we only have one admin who can actually do stuff, and he's not even active. Our site owner actually has to be yelled at to get on. And it's really annoying, because the other admins have to ask him before they can do anything major. So the power's not shared. And without Mr. Head Admin, we can't hire any other programmers.

So basically we're going towards dead site status because our owner won't even just temporarilly transfer power to someone else.

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Originally posted by the user Krayven, archived on Sep 13th 2012
I love Verpets. The people here are awesome. But on Subeta, everyone are whiney teenagers that post topics about how horrible their lives are and all that. And they talk about some pretty innapropriate things there too. And Marapets is horrible too. The pets look like they were drawn by babies and there are so many ads.
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Mistic hates me. XD;;

I haven't been banned yet, but I've almost gotten a couple of warnings. x:

One was for one of my poems, "Paper Doll", which was apparently inappropriate for small children. It was on Cursed's page... Why would a 5 year old want to look at a pet called "Cursed"? o3o; Some of the images could give tiny kids nightmares (the new Phantom pets), so what's the fuss over my poem?

Oh, and I've got this pet called Scream, right? Phantom Obsideon. Looks totally awesome. o: I posted some of the lyrics to the song "Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold, and they weren't too happy about that, either.


Courtesy warnings are nice...

They gave me one of those instead of an actual warning. 83
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Wajas. The economy has gotten better there, yes, but I hate how EVERYTHING is so expensive. The price of Wajas have gone down, so why can't they make prices of dyes and such go down? I have a really nice Waja, and I know what color and why dye I want to dye it, but NOPE. I can't, and it's all because I can't afford one of their stupid 500,000 Point dyes. What's worse is, there are hardly any games, and what few there are kinda suck.
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