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As it is now, the pet page is only good when you have a handful of pets. For those of us with twenty, fifty, even hundreds it's a chore to reorganize and sort!

So I've come with a handful of suggestions for a revamped Pet Page system that will not only streamline the process, but possibly add some helpful features.

My first suggestion is the simplest, and it comes in two parts, the interface and the overview.
Pet Page Interface
Essentially, what I suggest is to do away with the pet options accessible from the Pet Page and instead minimize it to just the pet image and minimum information like the name or possibly the "Mood" "Hunger" "Health" stats. I suggest doing it five in a row, so it looks good with less pets and is easier to reorganize if you have many. By clicking on the pet you'd be taken to part 2 of my suggestion, the Pet Overview.

Pet Overview
The Pet Overview would be a hub for all of the pet options previously accessed by the main pet page. Essentially it would expand upon the Status page, showing a quick view of various things for people who just want to check the pet without going through a handful of pages. This would be especially useful for those considering on trading their pets, because they'd not only be able to make sure the pet had no items equipped, but they could check to see if it had any further value with things like skills, badges, stats, or puddings all in the same place. Otherwise you'd need to check 4 or 5 different areas.

The Release button would also be found up by the pet feed instead of in the list which not only would further separate it from the rest, but would make it so you would have to see the overview page first before ever being allowed to release your pet which would minimize the amount of pets released with items or verbies.

Another suggestion for this page, not featured in the mockup would be to include a quick view of the current stats of the pets in the Boost area, with any affected stats highlighted in green.

Sort Options
Back to the Pet Page, I suggest including a quick sort option somewhere at the top. Options for sorting could be something simple like A->Z or Z->A; or something more complex like color or species, where they'd be listed in alphabetical order or either option. (Black, Blue, Green, etc. -or- (Anolia, Antorg, Aviatrin, etc.) Whatever works, but I think some sort of quick sorting system would be helpful, especially for larger pet hoards.

Pet Groups
Now, this one is a little more out there, but I believe it would be helpful in sorting and organizing all the same as well as being a useful and unique inclusion to Verpets.

If you'd like me to make a mockup to further explain, let me know because I realize this might get a bit long winded.

Now, pet groups would be a separate page accessible from the Pet Page where you could sort specific pets into various customizable groups. From these groups you could set specific icons, actions, and even associations all at once.

So, say for example I have two groups "Deadly Sins" and "Heavenly Virtues"

I can set certain pets to each group, and then customize them in bulk from the group options. So, say I want all pets listed in the Deadly Sins group to have the black wing icon, and all of the pets in the Heavenly Virtues group to have the white wing icon. I also want the Deadly Sins to have the neutral actions of "Fight" "Bite" and "Kick" while the Virtues actions are set to "Hug" "Comfort" and "Support".

Setting actions especially becomes quite tasking when you do them all individually, so having a bulk option would be a great help.

Another inclusion would be to allow adding friends and enemies in bulk as well. So, say I want all pets in my first group to be enemies with my second. From the Deadly Sins page I could type in the names of pets I want to send requests to, and it would show up as something like "The Group: Deadly Sins requests to be enemies with Temperance." Clicking on the link would take you to the enemy page of your pet, and above the usual list of pets you would see the name of the group as a link, followed by an accept or deny button. Clicking on the link would allow you to view the pets in the group. By clicking accept, all of those pets would be added in bulk to Temperance's enemy list, and could be removed individually like any other pet.

Furthermore, one could use these groups to sort through "Finished Pets", "Pets without art", "Pets without bios", and "For Sale". Something like that anyway. The options are up to the user as the titles would be customizable.

It would be interesting if such groups could be added to profiles using a module. This module could allow you to display a specific group. This would be really helpful in both organizing pets into specific areas on profiles as well as allowing a user to hide pets they dont want shown without either hiding the entire pet lineup or individually coding them into a custom module.

Like vercomms, you could possibly only have a limited number of groups to start with, and Elite users could have access to more. When an Elite User runs out of days, they may no longer add any more groups, and if they delete one they'd only be able to add it back once they're elite again.

Or, perhaps you could purchase group space for ...say 150 vc. Not expensive enough to deter a user from ever expanding, but still netting the site some money.

This isn't really something I've seen anywhere before, but something I've often wished for on many different occasions. Many users already do list pets in groups using custom modules, and this would just allow a bit more ease of access by building it into the site and possibly be an option to increase elite perks or giving the users more to spend their vc on.
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Pet groups sounds like a great idea. Adds more to roleplaying which is always great. I support the idea of having 1 or 2 groups free and buying more slots with VC.

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