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Dearest users of Verpets. I have sat back far too long, just letting things happen. For years I have used this site as an escape from issues in real life, and what was once a wonderful site has evolved into quite a scary place to be.

I started long before many of the current users now, back in the earlier year of 2008. Back when the sites layout was far less advanced and the pets were far more simple. Despite lacking so many of the wonderful key things the site now has; it was still a wonderful place to be.

For years; I have worked to try to be a wonderful artist so I could give back to a site I have known since I was 9-10-11 years old. It started my love for digital art, inspired me to only keep trying, to stay determined. Despite all the attempts in the past handful of years; I have failed and thus have tried again.

For years; I have helped sort many small quarrels and issues that have come up to the public eye. From small things like posting arguments in the shoutbox; to helping sort art theft issues. I have given all I have been able to thus far to a site that means so much to me.

Despite trying my hardest, expecting no more than the smiles of friends and stranger users; I have watched our wonderful community rot away. Though there still are wonderful people among us, there are still snakes among the diamond dust. It is so bad that say someone say something wrong about any one user, it spreads like wildfire and thus that user is shown no mercy.
This is not the Verpets I use to know and love.

I love this site. I do so much never wish to just leave. I will keep trying to give back all I can for every wonderful moment I have had on this site; but I saw this as a need to announce that we must fix our ways. We are all better than cheats, cold hearted people. We are all human, we make mistakes, we love and we loss. I have seen far too many sites get shut down due to these issues. Lacking money and staff, heavy on warding grudges between admin and user, even the smallest of issues are clear to be a huge effect on a site.

I have experienced losing a site for these reasons, many sites; even. They were no where near as treasured as this one is to me, but they still fell due to the community.

I never want this to happen. It hurts seeing users leave, users swindle, users even hurt themselves due to the stresses here on what is suppose to be a family friendly pet site. I do understand grudges can be held, but if we stop the continuous issues in general, we could better this site.

I am highlighting no issues directly. I am hoping anyone and everyone will sit on this as I plead those who are putting negative on the site to stop. I have seen far too much to ignore, though I have been so innocently blind in these years.

This is a site I never want to see fall. This is a site that means more to me than any other, one not only have I made friends in but have lost friends in. I have seen both wonderful and terrible users come and go. The site struggle to scrape by to do anything. If we start simply working on the smaller issues and work our ways up; these all could be a thing of the past and Verpets can have its previous glory. It is going to take alot more than standing around and agreeing.

Change never started with a word, but a step.

Help save Verpets; before we are all in too deep that we will lose it.
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I think I have definitely missed something in terms of people throwing negativity onto the site and swindling others (I do tend to keep the Shoutbox closed, so if that's where it's happening, I guess that's why). o.o

I feel like there have always been those types in the community, unfortunately, but since it seems like less and less users are on routinely, they probably seem more frequent. /: Which of course isn't good, since new users would probably not bother coming back...

Since I haven't seen any of this personally, I hope they see this and learn to be a little more mature with whatever issues they are having. Something people seem to forget is that you can dislike someone, but that doesn't mean you can't be civil with them. I think there has only ever been one user I've had a serious issue with on here, but if they actually wanted to talk about it, I'd have no issue doing so.

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If you see someone doing something negative, or if they're doing it to you, report it to a admin if what theyre doing breaks the rules. That's all that I can really think of.
I haven't really seen much negativity though at all. Especially not recently.

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Verpets' reputation alone manages to keep certain people from joining. I have friends who absolutely refuse to touch Verpets because they've heard horror stories, and persuading them does nothing. The fact we ever had a community of vocally rude users for a long stretch of time is enough to keep people away. If we want active users to join, maybe we should convince them things are better rather than sweeping past actions under a rug.

Then there are users who see this site as something new, join, then leave within a few days or weeks. Chances are they feel like they're being ignored, and their attempts at joining the community are useless. Ignoring this and protecting Verpets is honestly doing more harm than good by this point. Just. Be nicer, interact with newer users, and don't rate them based on what they can do for you. That's probably all it will take to get new users to stay longer.

As for Verpets' reputation, that will... Take a lot more work. Maybe someone can write positive reviews on VirtualPetList if they're serious about helping, or just ask their friends to join if they haven't already. When I have even one friend asking 'is that site still up omg' after bringing Verpets up in a conversation, there's a problem.
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Wow, I knew this site had its share of horror stories, but I didn't know it was that bad - your friend's reaction reminds me of how I act when people talk about Neopets. xD;

I think maybe having more forum activity would help keep in those who join, too. Right now, there's so many sub-forums where it's nothing but archived topics - which wouldn't look promising to me if I was a new player (and it's kind of sad to look at now.. the site feels so dead in that regard).

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We should have a new person welcoming committee!

I remember it being super hard to get started because I just didn't have anything. We should get together some of the basics for new persons for each feature so they can try things out.

Or even just a kind of Veropian Yellow Pages to help find people with similar interests such as art, roleplay, gaming, etc.
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Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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By starting a Newbie Helper position; we ensure that those who come and start but do not know what to do have someone to go to. I have seen and done something similar and it does work, as beyond that any reason to leave is simply cause of anything personal.

A Vertopian Yellow Pages section would definitely be helpful beyond our current help section, and would go great hand in hand with a new staff position.
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I feel like I should weigh in on this given that I'm one of the reviewers for Ver on Virtualpetlist.

When I wrote my review, there were two other reviews out there, both done by the same person under two different user names. At the time I had some negative feelings about Ver myself due to how things were being handled and drama going on. VPL's owner actually asked me to do it, but I turned them down because I was worried about being biased. I had voiced my dislike and opinions about Ver already, and I knew that drew a lot of resentment from certain users who at the time were "important" people on Ver.

Then the other user put out their incredibly biased review that more or less was there to counteract the opinions I had spoken, and included some rather passive aggressive remarks towards me. >_> something dumb about wolves howling... Or something like that.

I was irritated, yes, but more so that the review wasn't at all open and honest. For example, it was listed that we have a plethora of colors, but didn't note that not all colors are available to all species and instead just counted every possible variation as it's own color for any pet. While not untrue, it was misguiding. It talked about all of our games... Failing to mention that most were broken or outdated. It failed to take note of any of Ver's flaws (No coder at the time, it was the middle of summer and our images still had a winter theme, very long wait times for event shops, etc.)

So I wrote my review. Not out of spite or hatred or dislike for anything, but because I wanted to give people the most honest look at Ver I could give.


Why would I take the time to "hurt" this site?

Because I refuse to sit here and tell people how amazing this site is, while it falls into ruin. I want this site to be fixed, and if I had to open people's eyes to get some change, I would do that. I love Ver.

I love the customization.

I love the pets.

I love the stupid community with all you stupid people /tsundere mode activated

If I hated Ver I would not have spent a good 1/4 of my life here. I wouldn't have 50+ pets. I wouldn't have plans to expand and get more overlays. I wouldn't be here if I hated it.

So, what do I think is the problem?

A little bit of everything to be honest. And at the head of it, I'd say that effort is a big part.

It's great that Carl has put so much work into revitalizing content! But we still have a long way to go as well. The site is full of outdated and broken features.

Navigation is also less streamlined and more convoluted now.

Our staff list can't stay stagnant enough to claim we have great, reliable staff!

Ver's reputation with artists isn't all that high.

Our site style is more and more all over the place (looking at the new giblet colors proves my point enough)

The front page is incredibly outdated.

We're still a community of dramamongers, as always.

And honestly, there simply isn't anything I would see as inviting if I were a new player.

If we want to revitalize the site, we have to work on fixing problems first or else we're just inviting people to join and then leave again with horror tails. The majority of us still around have been around since Ver's "golden age". We're established. Just because we see things we like, doesn't mean it's going to draw in new people.

CPVR did ask me to write a more updated review since Ver's been updated a bit, because as Ver's previous critic, it would have more impact for me to write a followup. For a while I had no plans because while we do have updates, Ver still hasn't improved enough to really warrant me saying anything else. Users on VPL can see the updates themselves in news posts, they don't need a review for it.

If Ver can really change, I would love to write a new review, and I would love for the site to find new life with new users.

Until then though, I'm not going to say much more. If anyone else wants to write a review, go ahead, but I warn against fluffing Ver up for the public. It's not going to do anything but bring in more criticism when people see that it's not all lollipops and gumdrops here. You aren't giving a review in a place where naive children are, those people are established pet site owners, employees, volunteers, and long time players. They know their stuff.

I did get a couple pm's from my review though of people who had suggestions for the site as far as fixing it's image and getting some change. I would find it interesting to possibly see staff reach out to other community leaders to make a solid effort to move forward and create change.

Until then, I wont be referring people here just to have them leave when they see otherwise. We can blame the community all we want, in some parts I feel like we've been programmed to always believe that it's all our fault... But it isn't. Comparing Ver to just about any pet site out there right now, it's pretty outdated and boring, but we have so much potential.

No site matches ours in terms of ease of customization.

Even though our site style is everywhere, the art is still beautiful.

And the users aren't horrible people, despite what often gets said when we want to place blame. We could be like Flight Rising, a group of sjw's with sticks so far up our entitled rears that we can't see a sugar skull without freaking out and demanding recompense.

If we want change, we're going to have to give a really hard, honest look at what is wrong with this site and start shooting out ideas to fix it. We can't just pretend they don't exist or keep it as a subject suitable only for private conversation.

I would like to see Ver thrive again.
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Yeah like, I agree with the art style. When I was an artist I was told my art wasn't like the verpets style enough for pet art, and this confused me so much because look at Ink and then look at Jak's work, they are both great, yes, but easily distinguishable. How is that 'verpets-style'? How am I meant to replicate a style that so clearly belongs to two individual artists instead of the site..
and that's just two of the teams artists.

When I tell people to join verpets I say it's quiet, it is, the thing that turns most people away I'm sure, isn't the history of ver, it's the fact they post in a forum, send a message, or the shoutbox, and receive no reply or acknowledgement. And it's so hard to fit in to a niche/clique of people that have known each other for so long..

The community is small, there will be drama and disturbances when everyone is so close. All we need to make the site thrive is more members, and those members lead to more members again. For that to happen, something needs to be fixed with the verification process, I've referred 2 new people to the site who never got their email...

that turns people away straight away I'm sure. And while Carl is great, yes, how can we have a team of 1 person to help with these things? I'm waiting for him to come online so new people can get on the site. That is slow, and that is a turn off.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we shouldn't be the ones having this conversation about site development/improvement at all, it's about the owners and staff of the site. They need to be the ones figuring out ways to bring people here, marketing schemes, advertising, whatever! 'Join today and get a free divine pet!' just SOMETHING to entice people.
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Well, Veil
As someone trying to join the artist team, and have been trying for many years now, I definitely understand that. They have such hard to fill requirements that just the borders of my lines not appearing as dark as they should be against the transparent surroundings was once an issue and held me back... I think verpets needs to extend their style.
An even better example is take Ink and Jak and compare it to the work done by Catfish so long ago :/ That passed despite the fact her style didn't fit the "verpets style" at all...

Before the referral system messed up for you, I know I pushed the people I lived with to join so I wasn't alone. I have been playing shortly after the site opened and yet somehow I just come here to ooo and aaa over my pets and art...

BUT, I don't agree to the free special bases suggestion. That could damage the rarity of the colour and thus our beloved pets worth would plummet :/ Cheaters are also a thing, thus could make accounts just for that :S

I know Joe is inactive. Very inactive. Carl is all we have, unfortunately.
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