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Welcome to my first RP topic! I didn't have many ideas until I remembered a famous quote, and I looked into it. "Only the dead have seen the end of war" was said by Plato. (I think!) And I decided to take the "Only the dead" part, and make it into the UNDEAD! And the "Have seen the end of war" means the end of a war I made up, America and the UK against Russia and Germany. I'll tell you the plot if you stick around!

The plot of the story is after Russia decides to invade the UK. America had defended the UK in attempt to help fend off the Russian invaders. Germany, however, on bad terms with the UK and America, decided to back up Russia and fight as well, until the virus spread. The virus was not a problem for America and the UK because Germany was the one with the virus. Soon the virus spread throughout Europe, and killed off just about everyone but a few soldiers. The remaining soldiers had to lay down their guns, shake hands, and team up to keep the last places on Earth from falling to the virus. The virus would revive the victims, and as the victims were revived, they became "zombies" in a way. The victims were very disgusting looking, having lost all blood, oxygen, and plenty of vital organs as the virus ate away at them, making the creatures a lot more horrifying as they were moldy, rotten, and basically zombies. They wanted the blood of living humans so that they could reproduce children, similar to a mosquito.


Power playing is banned.

If you want your guy to have a grudge against another guy, ask first please.

Betraying is looked down upon, but allowed.

Sex is allowed, but try not to overdo it.

Being a homosexual is allowed.

Blood and gore is allowed, but don't overdo it.

You are a soldier, not a magic warrior cat or super dragon man.

Swearing is allowed, keep it mild though.

Harassing other players is looked down upon, but encouraged if it's a rivalry.

Stop doing what you're doing if you are asked to.

In general, don't go over anything "rated R" or something.

Fill this out if you wanna play!


Weapons of choice:



Five character traits:

Relationship/Best friend: (Optional)

Enemy/Love rival: (Optional)

Pets: (Keep this in between an attack dog or a rescue dog, optional)

As a soldier, you will be in a uniform. Not anything special.

There can be more than one race of a soldier, but try not to overflow.

Enjoy the RP! I am not going to be strict, and this RP is going to be friendly and very public. I'll never exclude or correct you unless I notice patterns of rule breaking.

This RP is 10+

I don't care for excluding age groups, but somethings in this may be a bit extreme for younger children.

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