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I recently rejoined ver and I'm continuing my memoria quest. so far it's all guesswork, but here's what I've got so far:

mosaic seed is doing well with 3 waterings per day. okay with acidic fetrilizer? its health didn't change when I used it
the seed is currently at about 10 days and is at the final stage before flowering

I'll do my best to keep this updated. if you have anything to add, that would be greatly appreciated

I'll update the main post as I gather more information
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If you view the information page of a seed it tells you how many waterings a day under the plot needs.

Also if you need a new source I keep an open spreadsheet here: verpets.com/go/0sc8

It has all flowers basics, (Water is how many per day, thirst is how much water over it's full lifespan if you use pet tenders.) grow times, time you have to harvest, points you get per flower, etc.

There are a few hybrids on the list that don't have fertilizer preferences listed because I don't bother fertilizeing hybrids. (They cannot give seeds back so it's kinda a waste of fertilizer.)

Annnnd lastly, if you need help with flower questing I have flowers here that I lend out to assist. All I ask is that if she does not take the flower I get it back. If you'd prefer to have flowers I also sell in a shop.

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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it does? could have sworn I checked all that and the pages were gone. thanks :D
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