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This guide is four years old so some information may be in-accurate or missing. I might update this in the future.

This thread is more of 'An Almost Ultimate Guide to Verpets' than a newbie welcome thread.

Ask your questions here, if you like.

Rules- Site Wide

Rules- Forum Wide


Staff Made Verguide,

For a list of all pet colours, check jakdacrowe 's Rainbow Puddle:

Or alternately, bird 's Gambit:

This F.A.Q. might be too overwhelming for some users so please press Ctrl + F (or Command + F on MAC) and enter the code of the section you would like to view, it's better that way.)

i. Health, Hunger and Mood of a Pet [ HHMP ]
ii. How Many Pets can I Have? [ HMPC ]
iii. How do I feed and play with my Pet? [ HTFW ]
- How do I select a main pet? [ MD1 ]
iv. How do I earn VerPoints? [ HTEV ]
v. Training, Healing and Gardening [ THAG ]
vi. User Name Colors and Symbols [ UNCS ]
vii. Elite Users [ ETILE ]
viii. Special Pets [ SPHH ]
ix. Avatar: OMGNOWAI [ IAWO ]


What is the quickest way to get an overview of my pets Health, Hunger and Mood levels?
[ HHMP ]
Check this page out:
That page is also found in the side bar under 'others.'

How many pets can I have? How do I get more? [ HMPC ]
From the beginning, a user can have a total of eight pets- to add more pet slots into an account one would need to use a Pet Slot Key (PSK) or the more pricey Pet Slot Key Ring (PSKR). Each item unlocks one or five slots respectively. Both of these items are obtainable from the Cash Shop or, quite rarely, from other Verpets users.

How do I feed my pet? Play with it? [ HTFW ]
Use the link above to go to the main shops- also linked to on the side bar under 'Features.' Use the VP you collect to buy toys/food for your pet and go to your inventory (Sidebar, under 'Personal') and select the item and the pet you would like to use it on.

How do I select a main pet? [ MD1 ]
That feature is no longer available for Verpets is trying to deviate from needing a main pet- all pets are important on Verpets!

How do I earn VerPoints? VerCash? [ HTEV ]
Check out this handy guide for making Verpoints:

Vercash is obtainable via paying with real money through the Cash Shop.

What is the Fitness/Gardening/Medical Area For? [ THAG ]
The Fitness Center is for training your pets for the Verpets Coliseum. The price for each training course rises based on your pets level. You can train multiple pets at once if you have enough funds for it. Make sure to keep an eye out on your pets cravings during training! Giving them what they want will add an extra status point to your pet after training.
The Medical Center
If you just caught your pet, you probably noticed that its health is at 0. This means that a quick trip to the Medical Center is in order. Simply click on your pet (marked by the empty health bar) to pay VP to restore it to full health. The Medical Center also has a Back Room where you can get a Viral Syringe.
The Gardening Area
Users can plant seeds to grow into flowers to either sell to other users or give to Liviana when she asks for it on her quest. Completing all 110 levels of Liviana's Quests is the only way to get the very rare Memoria.

Why is X's user name a different color? What do those symbols beside the user names mean? [ UNCS ]
User name colours can be changed by using the user name lipstick found in the cash shop.

You can buy user icons from the Account > User Icons page, you can get there right away by clicking here:

There are also items that grant user icons; but those are pretty rare.
: Normal User Icon
: Elite User Icon
: Moderator/Administrator
: Administrator
: Artist
: Owner

What is an Elite User? How do I become one? [ ETILE ]
An elite user enjoys several special benefits around the site. They can access the special Elite Forum and Shoutbox room. For more information on Elite Accounts go here:

How do I get special coloured pets? Or simply change my pet's basic color? [ SPHH ]
There is a nicely written guide to that. It is written by mechasheep and can be found here:

OMGNOWAI board- post 'OMGNOWAI' in this board only to get the avatar. [ IAWO ]
Post in the thread above- posting here is pointless and will not work if you have other text in your post anyway.
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This was a really good idea, Ty. I'm sure new users will find it helpful. ouo

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May want to add a link to the Verguide that the staff made as well:

Also, your Site-Wide is mainly Forum Wide. Most Site-Wide are here:

But I have to agree. Its very helpful! -sticky-
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Thanks Lace.

Also, thank you Sei, first post updated with the pages you suggested.

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I found this incredibly helpful. Thank you kinda random ver user. ;u; -fingerharts-
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hello im new!
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Hi, Chanel welcome to Verpets.
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I'm new.


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how do i become a moderator or a artist i can draw very good
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