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I am looking to get into RPing again and I would like to see if I can find someone interested! Kind of picky about my Role Plays though.

I want an RPer who can do at least one to 2 paragraphs regularly (minimize the one sentence responses to a rare occasion)

Someone who can dedicate one vercomm to the story and another to just talk or work through writers-block with (I find that if we collaborate and talk about what we think should happen next helps with most writers block)

and PLEASE!!!! No chatspeak in the story! I do not mind it when we talk outside of the story but having to take extra time to read can sometimes hurt my writing flow within the story.

I have many different characters with back stories, ranging from fantasy to real life to just weird. I normally do M/M or M/F (I do not have many female characters though) Please if you think this is okay, either respond here or vercomm me! I would love to have something to do!

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