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The Aid Station's purpose is to assist all Memoria questers in obtaining their Memoria Egg by giving out free flowers, teaching gardening, running an Exchange and paying it's Growing Partners.

You may also trade in empty water cans for full ones 1:1 at any time. Or request some if you are in need.

Eggs obtained by me will go to Giveaway events~

Anyone actively questing for a Memoria need only post here what flowers she is thinking of via the bribe. Only people using the bribe quest method are going to be allowed to get free flowers to avoid hoarders taking rare or harder to grow stock.
Those choosing to work towards a full set for questing or using any other questing method are welcome to make use of the flower exchange or get help by asking questions here of experienced gardeners.
No forms to fill out here! Just be kind and edit your needs post when you finish a quest so we can see what you currently need!

Bribe - Free Flowers
At any point during your questing you may find yourself short a particular flower or two. Perhaps it's seasonal or unique that you can't get your hands on. The Aid Station will give you up to 1 free flower a day that you need to quest.
While Lifelines will never be on offer, any Patchwork obtained will be.
You can view my current stockpile of free 1 a day flowers for active questers here; verpets.com/go/0lqv

Just post the flowers she is thinking of, get with me when I'm online and I'll send you whatever it is she asks for. Or, if you are only 1 flower short request that flower. It is appreciated that you return flowers she does not end up taking if they come from the Aid Station, but not required.

Flower Exchange
If you are a Memoria quester seeking a full set for faster questing or using any other quest method aside from Bribe you are not allowed a free flower but may make use of the flower exchange.
In this Exchange you may trade in a set of flowers or seeds you do not need for those you do. The Exchange Chart here( verpets.com/go/0sbn) will show you what flowers/seeds are in the same exchange category.
Please note that you cannot donate large quantities of low tier flowers or seeds and 'save' towards higher category seeds or flowers. The Exchange allows only for trades to be equal value within a category.
*Old Buttons and Nightflower Seeds are not currently available.

Paid Growing Partners
If you have a garden that you don't use or just want to make a little extra income from gardening to help support the Aid Station there are opportunities for Paid Growing.
Please see the pay chart here( verpets.com/go/0sbo). Prices per flowers will be based my public flower pricing here( verpets.com/go/0sbp) and submit any flowers via swaps to me where I will pay in VP based on the price chart.

Currently in HIGH need of;
(Currently we have a full flower set on hand or growing!)
However, we do need these seeds as of Sept 27th;
Glass SeedMoonflower SeedLilac SeedRed Seed
Fressia SeedFairy Fan SeedWhite Angel SeedPink Angel Seed
Tulip BulbsWhite Wood Anemone SeedPink Wood Anemone SeedMosaic Seed

Donations of seeds, flowers, and VP for paying Paid Growing Partners is always welcome.
VP donated will go to it's own bank and will drawn upon to pay Growing Partners. Otherwise I will pay them directly myself. This donated VP will go to no other purpose at current.

Special Notes
Aid Station Opened July 16, 2016.
Last edited, Sep 27th 2016 @ 9:21 pm

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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This is such a lovely and kind idea Zeph! Thank you for all the work you put into this, as a new gardener I will definitely find this helpful when I get to later quests c:

Will edit this post later when I've completed a few more quests.
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Wow Zeph, this is a lovely idea.

Liv is currently asking for a Ghsot Orchid or Baby Blues (I have a fressia). If help could be given I'd be grateful.
Once I complete the quests I will be happy to help!
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At current the stockpile does contain a Ghost Orchid and I am currently saving up for the Cornflower seed(I have an Olive seed) to grow a Baby Blues.
Once I have that you are free to quest~

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Nice idea! This will definitely make it easier for everyone to complete their quests.

Sending off a few flowers you're missing c:

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-sits in my garden- Womp womp.
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They've been added to my gallery Cherrii~
Thank you!

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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I don't play enough or even quest, so you can take some of my flowers or seeds if you need them. I'll check back everyday if I can.
Last edited, Jul 16th 2016 @ 10:18 pm

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You are currently on level 108.

The evil one shall be done with me shortly. I hope. Then I'll be able to help.
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Great idea! I will be sending some flowers and would like to make a donation too if you tell me how to do that :)
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