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hello hello!

i am currently searching for a pal to write and plan a comic with! i'm really rusty with writing and a lot of the time i feel i could use another voice for ideas or improving upon them.

ideally i need to find someone who will either listen to my ramblings and shoot me an idea or two- or someone to collaborate with in full. i could either do art in return for writing, or i could happily pay a little per page/info written.

i'll be new to working on comics too, so we don't need to move particularly fast. i have a load planned out but i just need to sort the good ideas from the bad.

if you're interested, shoot me a vercomm! 'w'/
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I will be shooting you this mail. I've always wanted to be involved in a comic but can't draw. But I can absolutely write and contribute ideas and stuff.
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