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The roleplay room has become a place for idle chit chat. So, I wanted to create a forum where I could roleplay with others using our OCs and such :) So this is one my characters/pets:

Yashi: Yashi
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160
Race: divine human (wings)
Orientation: bi
General Appearance: He's clean-cut with short brown hair. He's neither gaunt nor built, but average physique with broad shoulders. His face consists of a pair of thin lips, thin pointed nose, a single dimple, and a distinguished sleek (not boxy)jaw bone. His face seems to look as if he wears a faint colored rogue on his cheeks. A small smooth-surfaced mole is dabbed back towards the edge of his left cheekbone.
Clothing: Wears a brown leather American flightier jacket with a flattened collar reaching the tips of his shoulders. Underneath is a navy OBEY tee, topped off with khakis form-fitting around the thighs, ending with corduroy high-tops. He wears black rectangular-framed glasses. He has no piercings except the minuscule black diamond studs in both ears.
Personality: He gives off a know-it-all air with utter confidence in himself. He cherishes being an intellect and hates being wrong. He's aware people find him obnoxious but shrugs this off (although it actually bothers him). He never beats around the bush simply because he doesn't know how. Beneath his arrogant ruse he quite personable, even sensitive, to people's feelings. His strongest trait is his adamant sense of loyalty.

Hopefully this becomes the start to something fun~ I haven't set up my pet's profiles completely because I can't get the spacing to work in the custom modules, and I just haven't put in enough effort.
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