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For I am Lady Lust in a time of deep despair

Finding hunger solely satisfied by the desperation of your need
I follow through the darkest pitch within the dead of night
To violate that left within the vicinity of greed

For I am Master of Revenge; of pain and greed and such

So deep within your longings you could barely draw a breath
I sat you down and gave unto you your despicable actions
And found within them red that brought you rather close to death

For I am Master of Darkness and rarely find such fruit

There becoming lifeless form you found your sweet surrender
Never knowing in the shadows was a pleasing kind of strength
Who was amused to find this new treasure quite so tender

For I am Mistress Death in a form you can't deny
Critique please? I'm dying to see if this is any good.
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hauntingly amazing mori!

I've always been a sucker for 'dark poetry' but this is amazing. the visual... ack i wanna open photoshop right now

I swear my fangirlness to you!
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Ahahaha! Thank you, Saphy! I'm really glad it's a good one, I spent hours on it. Sadly, I don't know Latin so I cannae translate it to the language it is meant to be in. XD
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I took three years of Latin, but I don't think that I could translate it. Lol. The words here are strong and moving. Kudos.
Trpělivost ruže přináší

-Patience brings roses-

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