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Originally posted by the user Sin, archived on Mar 7th 2017

What did you say? You want to be prompted to write every fortnight?

Well, look no further.

Every other Monday, I will post a prompt. It could be any word; a feeling, an action, a place - anything. Users then have until the following Sunday to post a response - a poem or a short, fictional story. The winner will be selected by other users, who will have until the Sunday of that week to post their vote on this board. That winner will then not be allowed to enter for the next prompt, so as to give the others more of a chance.

Oh - and the winner will receive 100,000 verpoints, too.

Interested? Good.

The only rules are that you keep things PG, that entries are not written before the prompt is given, and that nothing is too long. For short stories, keep them under a thousand words; and for poems, no more than ten stanzas, please. Also, if less than four people enter on each prompt, then I will have to stop this. We need four or more entries every time, pleeeeeease.

If you have any questions, post on here. (: If you have any prompt suggestions, post them here, too - and if I use that prompt, you will receive 20,000 vP for your help.

25th May - the prompt is dreams.
1st June - no more entries can be submitted now; please post your vote for your favourite entry.

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This is a great way to get us to write. c:

I'll join. ouo

Well, when we finish do we mail it to you or... do something else with it?

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I shall join!
WEEEE I is back and i shall not be going anywhere!
suggestions to put here?
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I may enter. Writing a poem or story with a prompt is goos practice and my teacher says I write amazing poetry but it still needs work...and a good amount of it to
R.I.P. Blaze

please look at my blog and donations are appreciated very much so.

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Originally posted by the user Sin, archived on Mar 7th 2017
Alright, guys, awesome. 8')
When you're done, post them on here. c:
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Eee~ Sounds like fun! I shall stalk this board, yes I shall ~ But dreams is more of a poem-y one then a short story fer me....
Will edit when I create it ^^

And for a prompt...
Insanity? I like insanity :D

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Oh, excellent.

-prods board happily-

You're a genius, Soapie. 8D

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-oh so tempted-
But I'm gonna lurk the first time. o3o;

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
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Originally posted by the user Sin, archived on Mar 7th 2017
8'D -wriggles like a (non-)genius!-

Jooooiiiiin, Sheer. 8( -staredown-
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My Entreeee~

Please don't fall asleep
Please don't close your eyes
Even if you're just dreaming
Please just don't die

Don't grumble when I wake you
When I push you off the bed
My heart hurts when I look at you
When you sleep you look dead

Please have sweet dreams
but just stay alive
Even in this fantasy
It is just a dream.

(( Bah, crap entry))
It's - just - my atomic butterfly~!
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