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What do you think?

Personally, I don't see the problem with it as long as you're not eating an endangered animal. Shark fin soup is a huge no-no as well- they catch a shark, cut its fins off for soup, and drop the still-living shark back into the ocean to die a slow and painful death. I also don't support veal due to the way the calf is kept.

ps. I don't have any issues with vegetarians until they start looking down on me as some sort of inhuman murderer for choosing to have steak instead of salad.
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The fact is, our teeth and digestive systems are designed omnivorously. We don't have to eat rocks to break anything down; we have canine and molar teeth. So unless it's for good health reasons or a doctrine of beliefs I think everyone SHOULD be eating meat.
That's not to say everyone has to eat meat because I said so. I just don't want anyone in my face telling me I'm a soulless heartless monster because I'm chowing some Meatlovers pizza :c
If a species is in good supply AND is able to be killed humanely, it can be eaten. That's what I reckon.
Anyone considering vegetarianism on the basis of 'cruelty' to humanely killed livestock should study basic ecology and realise that in the long run, massive cow populations will jeopardise many other species.
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Many people who jump right into being Vegetarian and Vegan because its "cool" or they are suddenly overwhelmed by things blown out of proportion [like what PETA does to people] get sick. Its because they aren't getting the right vitamins and nutrients founds in Meats and Dairy. You can get all of these if you eat appropriately and do your research by substituting Animal Products for things like Nuts and Beans.
If anything you should never just become Vegetarian or Vegan. Can cause all kinds of problems with your digestive system, metabolism, and even cause you to be more susceptible to becoming ill. And when you DO become ill, its always highly recommended that, unless you know of something with equal or greater value in the right nutrients and vitamins, that you have meat or at least chicken broth to help your body recover. This is all because of how our body is made up, just ask Backgammon says.
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I always hear from people that eating animals is disobeying G-d's will. Personally, I believe if G-d did not want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made animals out of meat. >8U

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....I'm a vegetarian. Except I hate vegetables. Dat's some logic. Chicken smells nice though. I have just never had the urge to eat it cuz it looks gross.

Plus there are meat substitutes which apparently give the same nutrition blah blah blah. My whole mother's side of the family is vegetarian. So it's normal for me orz. I would eat meat if I had to though. I also couldn't give two craps about gelatine.

All in all, I'm a horrible vegetarian.

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Yum. Meat.
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Thousands of years ago we ate mammoths and I don't think we really cared.
I personally think that eating meat is fine ( And even healthy) as long as you aren't eating a rare/endangered or poisonus animal.
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Fuzz, you made me giggle.
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I don't see what's wrong with eating meat, I mean in nature you see Zebras getting torn apart and eaten alive by lions, if anything I'd rather be shot by a butcher than be torn apart alive by a pack of lions :( Death for prey is perhaps more brutal in nature, it happens, tough luck. Though it would be nice if we could kill livestock more humanely but can't always get what you want. I just don't like it when people show me pictures of a cow getting butchered and tell me how horrible it is, but it's like, okay, that's happening to thousands of animals out in Africa right now, how do you think lions and tigers feed themselves? Yeah the cow never did anything wrong, but nobody in those concentration camps during the Holocaust did anything wrong either. Death and dying is just a part of life.
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Oh boy... I may have to write a disclaimer before I post this: it's only MY opinion, don't kill me for speaking my mind! XD

Personally, I'm against eating meat for various reasons... I do not believe that any animal can be killed humanely; simply because they do not actually 'kill' the animal before slaughtering it - so it totally freaks me out when I think of the whole routine. Pigs are incredibly intelligent and can sense things... they totally freak when being led to slaughter.

I quit eating meat 6 years ago and put myself through the hell of watching video footage of inside a slaughterhouse - I'll never get those thoughts out of my mind. I think that everyone should watch how your meat is processed and if you can't watch the footage then you shouldn't eat it. If you can watch it and have no problem eating meat afterward, all power to ya - it's the people who are ignorant who bug me and yes, you may not want to watch it but if you're gonna eat it you should be okay with watching it! As much as that footage was uneasy to watch and still is, I don't regret watching it as it's very insightful to what goes on behind closed doors. (I won't get into detail about the process of slaughtering an animal as it can be kind of upsetting and quite disgusting! Not to mention I try not to be one of those vegetarians who just talks negatively about meat to turn you off of it)

Apart from the animal rights view of eating meat, I don't believe that it's at all good for your health. Sure, eating excessive amounts of soy isn't great for your health either but if you're comparing the two meat is far superior in the negatives. Heart conditions, several types of cancer and weight issues are some of the top prices you can pay for indulging (yes, it's not just from eating meat but it does increase your chances) I know when I ate meat I had severe digestive problems (which was a big reason I stopped eating it)for many years and now that I'm meat free I haven't had a single issue. I never felt healthy and I always felt like there was a pit in my stomach after I ate. I know that some types of meat, mostly red, can sit in your stomach for several days before the acid can actually break it down and that can be pretty darn hard on your digestive system.

Anyways I could go on but I've already rambled too much. Again, these are just my opinions. I'm not sure if you can generalize a right or wrong way of eating but I do think you can be more aware of what you're eating. Awareness is what I'm all about!
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