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Hmm…. Not much of a plot more of a feel to go off of, but huzzah! I finally posted so I wont be a stalker new to the website! This is one I quite enjoyed that I posted on a different RP site. But.... it kind of got destroyed.

Everything ended 80 years ago, but no one expected it to come back as quickly as it did. Mankind has already started to rebuild itself and is in a more comfortable spot on the earth. There are still many wastelands and rubble from what dominant landscape the humankind had built up. Dangers creep around every corner. There is no running water… No electricity…. and no countries. The once dominant countries are now sectors due to the fights that broke out between the lands over the little amount of supplies they had. There is no planes, no buses, or no luxury that so many have gotten used too. Now what is left is rebuilt army trucks which only the lucky can obtain.

The terrain is rough, and gruff, and not a very nice place to live. In the run down cities people live and are rebuilding some of the smaller buildings where many families huddle in small places. Fruits and vegetables are hard to find, so people rely on meat of dogs and cats most of the time while the animals which were zoo-bred are too dangerous for city dwellers to hunt.

Nothing but a wasteland of what used to be the clutch humans had had on the world…

Though nothing always can stay dreary, in fact there is a hope, and glisten in the world. People still laugh, and enjoy others company. No one seems to hold objects over another's head just because they can afford it and the other can't. All gather around when one thing comes to town. The same way people have been entertained for centuries, making kids laugh, as well as the adults; a circus.

- Normal rules apply of course.
- If you ONLY have two characters, please give them different ages. I don't want everyone to be a teenager.(if you have three characters please try to make one male.)
- Try to keep it semi-literate. Meaning 3+ paragraphs (writers block understandable of course)
- If there is anything that is not listed and you wish to join as, just say so and explain the occupation and I will add your character to it.

I think that is all.

Ring master- (Open)
Acrobats- (Open)
Animal tamer-(Open)
Animal tamer apprentice- (open)
Strong Man-(Open)
Snake Man-(Open)
Snake Man Apprentice-(Open)
Fire eater-(Open)
Magic Man-(Open)
Freak of Nature-(Open)

Non-Performance related roles:
Medic: (Open)
Medic Apprentice-(Open)
Tailor- (Open)
Mechanic Apprentice-(Open)
Other Characters:

Name: (First and Last)
Appearance: (Can be picture/sketch/drawing or written out description)
Personality: (TBA is welcomed if you are still trying to figure it out)
History: (Please don't go into horrific detail about how tragic your character life is. It's more of a way to detail why their personality is what it is.)

That is it!
Please feel free to join. I don't bite. ;U;
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