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The ability to be anonymous is an innate aspect of being on the internet. Such a feature has been lauded and criticized by a great deal of people.

Is it a good idea to let people interact without consequences behind this mask of 'anonymous'; to force everyone to use their real identities, so these 'internet bullies' could be quelled by the threat of immediate real-world consequences?

On the other hand, is it such a good idea to post all of your information out in the open like that in general? Is it a good idea to abandon internet privacy all together?

Of course, the discussion may not be limited to these reasons. Feel free to include any other opinions if you desire c:

What do you think?
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You will never have total privacy on the internet, unfortunately. And I don't mind this. I do mind however that the information found on the internet is used in certain ways. For example: Colleges will look at your Facebook or Myspace profile and other internet sites you frequent now to help them decide whether or not to allow you in. This, I don't like. Private life and Public life mixing. Just because I'm profane somewhere doesn't meant I can't be professional else where.

Also, the idea of "internet bullies" being quelled by the threat of real-world consequences make me laugh. Bullies in schools are not quelled by this though because action is rarely taken. Why would internet bullies be any different?
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I totally agree Sei, but just to play devils advocate; There are many instances in internet history where there had been an internet bully/troll/seriously obnoxious person who just acted obnoxious because they thought they were protected by anonymity. One time, the person being trolled upon actually took it upon himself to track the troll down, and found that the troll was actually a pretty docile guy who TREMBLED at the thought of being called out on it. I can also apply this statement to many other stupid teenagers(lol I trololol); sometimes it's just fun and games to them. If they had to carry their identity around, they would be more worried about their reputation in case someone traces it back to them, no?

If anything, it would cut out a large chunk of would-be trollers. At least, that is the argument I read P:

(I've never actually encountered bullies. Schools usually do nothing about that issue? How horrible D: )

Also, related: PINION" target="_blank">
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Yeah, most schools are atrocious at dealing with bullies, but I guess that's another topic.

I love Internet anonymity because I oppose censorship, and am a strong advocate for freedom of speech. You are not truly anonymous, though, which can also be a good thing. I'm not entirely sure of the specifics, but you'd have to go out of your way to really protect your identity (I'm not sure if it's possible to be 100% anonymous).

Paedophiles are rampant online and are using the Internet to trade twisted things like child pornography. It's much easier for them to communicate, trade, etc with each other using the Internet than it was in the traditional (physical) sense 20 years ago. They are anonymous and it's hard for the authorities to catch them.

I'm sure big companies like Sony, WMG and countless movie studious would love for your anonymity to be taken away. They lose billions of dollars each year from people illegally downloading their media. I hate to quote and ad on T.V, but "you wouldn't steal a car. Movie piracy is stealing, stealing is against the law". It's true most people would cease illegal downloading if those virtual security cameras where watching.

This is just two examples of illegal practices people can engage in anonymously online. It depends if you think the good outweigh the bad. Whether we like it or not I think the Internet is going to be more strictly patrolled and controlled in the future, and it won't be because of the illegal porn.

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If you wouldn't say something with the person knowing who you are..
Why say it at all?
That's my thoughts on Anonymity.

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