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So bottom line I'd like to work on some of my characters and wanted to do it in a different way to have others effect some of what happens to them.
The idea is that as they explore the world around them other users on Ver will have a chance to interact with them and their world. The idea is to develop them as characters and see how they react to things so feel free to toss things at them!
HOWEVER. If they're in the middle of a town. They can't suddenly be facing a bear in a cave. Yes or yes? No silliness.
^Blog post explains some background stuff on my end as well as the rewards for those assisting me in this Writing Experiment~
^Spreadsheet of Development
(feel free to invent things for me to add)

*denotes a character awaiting interaction
Alina the Undead Priestess (
Kiranni Windseeker (
*Gabriel Maltes (

(if at any point you wish to involve another of my characters feel free to toss their name into the mix. Right now I'm not working with characters that are not mine, but I may do that in the future. Any rewards my characters seem to pick up along the way I'll try to match with the user that helped develop the event around them.)

So. This is not really meant to be a Roleplay. But if you describe things better with a descriptive paragraph go for it. I'll work with it.
Each character has their blog listed from their names so you can see what they've gone through and what interactions they are awaiting.
I'll keep the most recent stuff at the top of each.
Posts for them should be here with THEIR name listed at the top so I can see what a character it is for.
So here's my example. (bold denote actions, caps denote speech comments, and italics represent thoughts)

Alina Entry One (Example)
Alina moves down the road towards the small village she has been told to visit to help her begin her training as a Pristess. She was told to locate Lady High Springs in Vierecs to obtain a ribbon. She carries only a small water pouch and an Old Staff. As she walks along on a calm late spring evening she is reciting some basic magicks knowledge she has...
ALINA: The first Spell Ribbon given to a Priest or Priestess contains a healing spell based upon the natural element of the recipient and a simple combat spell for them to wield. My natural element is Water. I expect I'll get a blue ribbon. I certainly hope so at least.
Alina stops as something or someone appears from the trees up ahead...*

((At this point she is ready for some type of occurrence. Maybe it's a wolf? A friendly traveler? A merchant? It's up to the persons assisting! I'm not looking for amazing writing, just ideas and occurrences to help me work on these characters.))

People Helping
This is the list of people that have agreed to help and what character they'd like to focus on. Everyone will get a small gift for agreeing to help me to start~
I'm going to start posting the actual blog listings this week. I think I'll do one per character per day and work out how they handle the situations presented to them.
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