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I'm blank for ideas, if you have any suggestions post here. First of all, the agent's name is Jaybee and is a humanistic rabbit-like creature from another planet called Rabbitopia. His planet was very prosperous untill a a great carrot famine struck the land leading to war that the tribal chief predicted would lead to the planet's destruction, but everyone was too buisy fighting to head his warning so the chief did the only thing he could do,send some newborns from the tribe,including Jaybee,down to earth in hopes that humans like us would raise these creatures as their own children in hopes of continuing the Rabbitopian race. To cut a long story short, an Irish girl named Meghan McDonnelly raised Jaybee for her own. Meg is the only one who understands Jaybee for who he really is where as everyone else (including her mom)seems to think this he's some kind of "extraterrestrial Terrorist" or threat. Until,one day,when he's fully grown, he finally does such a heroic deed (which I can't seem to figure out yet.) that Irelands government agrees to make him a secret service agent.He has super powers,he can talk,fly and stand up to thing that would ordinarilly kill a human.
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He can save a member of the Irish government from a terrorist plot. Just for the irony :T
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