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my pet Meta is a divin vulkit and i Rp him as a human this is his charater info that also on his profile

i also have (info on his profile but not the main one i want to Rp with atm)


Name: Mika Maximus (they call him the Meta)
Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Orientation: Homosexual

Likes: Grace, Toying with emotions of others, Handsom men, Games, and Violence

Dislikes: Females, Crazy Flirts, and anything to happy

In site on the past

The crowd was cheering as the champions took the field. An arena with a couple of trees and some water in the middle was all that the champions knew. But for young Mika he knew more than most common folks that were surrounding him in the stands. Mika didn't flinch a muscle and he sat with a serious look on his face the whole first round. Second round came and a boy his age had his heart ripped out and chewed up. Mika rolled his eyes at the oh so usual shows they put on. "Mika its time to go see your grandfather", the voice was dark a sullen as the woman approached. Mika rolled his eyes and grunted "yes Enyo".

They walked the cold empty streets and out into the cold real woods far away from the arenas. Mika talked as they walked along a dark ominous path, "he doesn't even know I exist why now..." The look on his face was anger and frustration. Enyo laughed after one glance at him, blood was seeping threw her new white robe and a bloody smile lingered on her face. "Because this could get you a spot on the gods counsel." All talking had stopped between the mother and son. Mika sighed once as the reached the gate that only god could see. The gate to Zeus's home..."Zeus", Mika mumbled softly and he smiled and laughed as they started to climb the fluffy cloud stairs he was laughing terribly loud and sinisterly "Grandfather!" He screamed once as the thought of Zeus being his grandfather made him snicker.

The entered into the clouded throne room of Zeus's. Zeus had his children and servants all around. Ares was sitting with his lovely seductive consort Aphrodite. Enyo smiled and bowed. "Enyo we've heard of your son, how nice of you introduce him to us", Zeus smiled as he spoke. Enyo started to laugh loudly "I bring Ares his son to him!", she screamed at him. Every god and goddess gasped and started whispering. Aphrodite stood and smacked Ares then ran off into a hall unknown.

Zeus yelled and screamed and thundered roared with lightning surrounding too. Ares was arguing with his father, and everyone was talking so loudly over them all. Enyo turned to Mika and smiled "I must leave you for now learn the way of the gods mor than I ever have." Mika rolled his eyes at his mother as she left in a flash. He looked over at all the madness. "Shut up!" Mika yelled at them all in his god like voice. Mika was frowning as everyone turned to look at him. "She left me..." He said as if he really didn't care. Zeus became more soft hearted suddenly and spoke "Ares be gone go find your mistress, Enyo..." He paused and spoke again "I will take care of your son, as his Grandfather and guardian."

Mika's evil smile was back and he crossed his arms over his chest and let grey ghostly wings that were translucent flare out from behind him. "Grandfather make me a God or war, blood, and violence.... A God of the games." Zeus smiled and rolled his eyes "you are Ares's son indeed and Enyo's" he turned to everyone and gave presentation arms to Mika and in his Godly thundering voice he "Gods, Goddesses, Demi Gods, and Demi Godesses. I am pleased to introduce Mika Maximus, also known as Meta! The God of the Blood Games, who will train under Athena and myself!", and all the Gods cheered as it was celebrated for weeks on end.

(so comm me if you have a charater you could RP with him with)
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