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I'm always interested in hearing new bands!

My all time favorite band is The Wanted. A boy band, yes.
I love them because although they're a boy band, their music is intended for a more ... mature audience. They never really directed it towards the younger population, hence why they don't have many followers as most bands. But the ones they do have are amazing in comparison to others. Like me, duh

Ufufu it's hard picking a favorite song by them.
I want to say Lets Get Ugly, Turn It Off, or Chasing The Sun. I actually do plan on getting a a remix of the tattoo of Chasing the sun ( It'll be a small remix, just incase I ever fall out of love with them -Never going to happen- , it'll just resemble a sun. Which is equally amazing, yes!

Other bands I admire are
-Maroon 5
-Black Veils Brides
-All American Rejects

Despite the fact they're considered The Wanted's 'rivals', I don't care much for One Direction. Sure, they have nice music. I.. just don't like them. xD

So yes! Any other band peoples out there? 8D
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No, srsly. unu; Have you ever tried

With Discover ( ) you can listen to music based on tags/genres for example. Or you can download their plugin for your audio player, record your listening habits and then get recommendations based on that. I found quite a few great bands that way. ouo
You'll need an account for the latter, but I think Discover can be used without signing up. There's also the option to listen to a radio station from a band's artist page (mostly similar artists) which should also work without signing up.

It's just...really awesome. ;;

I'm over here ( ) and that's basically all the stuff I really like, including the bands I can not mention on here because they fall victim to the word filter. |D
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D'espairsray is great! 8D
Of their songs, I love Final Call and Death Point.

I haven't! But Ohmygosh. This is heaven, Hizu *-*
Thank you for this. I can now live in my room forever with music. >8D

Oh, word filter. Why must you block us from our passions? :I

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Ahaha! I almost feel bad every time I mention them because it's already so obvious how much I like them. |D I'm still patiently waiting for them to get back together. unu

And ikr? ;; It's so useful.

I have to admit that the community there can be a bit harsh though. There's a lot of trolls on the artist pages and even people who don't troll there often don't have anything nice to say. Like...after D'espairsRay disbanded somebody posted on their page that they were glad they were finally gone because their music started to suck after Coll;Set. Considering that they only disbanded because of Hizumi's throat condition not getting any better...that's really cruel. So if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, don't read the shouts on artist pages. eue

I have really bad luck with music though. 4 out of my top 5 are either disbanded or going to disband. ono
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My all time favorite band has to be The Birthday Massacre.
Their music is pretty mild, it's not too fast or too slow, which I dig.

I don't really have a favorite song but I'd definitely recommend their song Kill the Lights!!
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