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^ I'm going to sound cruel, but I laughed. That is exactly why it doesn't work. You're telling me that if I made up some fictional character, said it was going to 'smite thee' if you sinned, or didn't believe, you'd actually believe in it just in order to not get punishment?

I'm pretty sure that falls under the 'fear of god' aspect, rather than 'Oh I believe in him because of -insert significant reason here-'.

Truth be told, that is the worst reason that I have ever heard.
in his wisdom god created the f l y and then forgot to tell us why
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Do you think God would be satisfied that you believe in him because "you have nothing to lose" ?
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I don't know if I'd want to follow a God who would condemn me to eternal suffering and punishment JUST for not believing in him. That's awfully harsh and cruel, and frankly, I don't see why God would care whether or not someone believed in him. What about people who follow other religions? Will God send them to Hell, too?

Also, if someone was kind, polite, respectful, selfless, and helped out in the community, you're saying that they'd still get sent to Hell if they didn't believe in God? Woah.

Besides, if God exists, he's the only one who's going to judge whether or not you're going to heaven. I don't trust people who put their word in the mouth of God and claim it's the absolute truth. I want to hear it directly FROM the deity, not from anyone else. You can't know for sure what God wants because God didn't tell you directly.
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I spent an hour in a gym changeroom pondering over this.

First of all, I haven't bothered to read 1 page of the bible so some of my words might not be accurate or make sense.

How come people did not know of god until around the roman era?
What about before then?
If there was a god, he would be like a walking skeleton in any case. I don't think he would be able to lift himself up properly. I don't know how one man could live for however many thousands/millions/billions of years anyways. It is scary to imagine, actually.
Also, why are there so many other religions then? They have different gods/goddesses/supreme rulers and such. Why?
Also, I do not think a rib bone can magically morph into a human.
Why doesn't god show himself? He cannot be living in space.
Were the dinosaurs even aknowledged in the bible? What about the mammoths and the smiladons?

I was watching a show a while ago.
Something about the explosion of some stars containing life-essential elements near earth. Some of the elements ( Hydrogen, Oxygen ect) bonded and formed things like water on earth. Along with some other elements and likely how perfectly the earth was distanced from the sun, it created life and then that life changed as the environment changed and so on.

Mm. But then again, I believe in ghosts.
So I guess everything is left to opinion.
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I don't precisely believe in him, but Amberfire I just want to say that people DID believe in God before the Roman Era, it just wasn't a religion brought to any attention until later when those that followed it began to get persecuted. It wasn't as big of a thing as it is now.
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I do believe in a God. there is actually plenty of scientific evidence that points towards crreation. I don't have enough room (or time) to list all the reasons so will list one. But if you want to know more google True U. It's a scientific study on creation. It looks at Athism, Panthism, Theism, and Humanism. It's very intresting!(

If we look at the universe we can see that it has and still is slowly expanding. This indicates that if we go far enough back in time then there is a point where the universe did not exist. Now, I know that there is a theory that states that the universe is expanding now but then it will collaps in on itself and once again start expanding again and this will continue forever. This has been proven false because the mass of the universe is nowhere near cloe enough to cause it to collaps in on itself.
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Alrighty then. I am agnostic. Truth be told I was never fully convinced by the whole thing but now, after many years of research and reading a whole crap load of things, I believe that there is some kind of higher force somewhere. So in just words I practice Agnostic theism, so I do not say that there is absolutely positively a divine deity out there but I believe that there is probably one.

I am a person who is very centered on truth and I hate that I will probably never know the truth until I die but I cannot say if there is a heaven or hell that I will go to.

I find it incredible the similarities in many religions though. I'm not saying that all religion is then same, for that is not true, not by a long shot, but there are similarities that no one can deny. Like the fact that there are many many creation stories and many stories like the Noah's ark story that was told in Sunday school. Even then fact that religion centers around a god or gods. of course this could still all be humanities way of easing its concerns about the unknown.

So in short, yes I do to a certain extent believe in God, but you never know the truth and those who do can't tell their tales to the living anymore.

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I believe that no one truly knows. There is no proof of the existence of a higher power, and there is no proof of the non-existence of a higher power.

Most would say that our very existence on the planet is proof of a 'God', however I don't see how. No one can say for sure how the universe came to exist, not even scientists.
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This is what I think. God, a person in the sky with a list of thing you should and shouldn't do and if you break one of these rules he has a special place for you full of eternal fire... yet he loves you. He loves you and he always needs money. Wow. That sounds just like our government. If you want more on how religion actually became then watch the documentary Zeitgeist. I'm not sure that I spelled that right but oh well.
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People believed in God way before the Roman era. It wasn't mad a big deal till after.
Many religions came about due to people finding errors in the first religion and wanting to make it better in their own right mind changing some things about it to make it seem more "fitting" thus creating a new religion. But they all focus around one thing, usually heaven and hell. And a divine power/powers.
He might not be able to show himself just like the Gods couldn't show themselves to humans without them getting killed? Just a thought on that.
The bible was not a history book for them back then. It was created for people to later come along the time line. (Just a thought on that also)
But you can't believe the bible because it is written by man kind. And when one person hears something that jesus or God could have said they could have changed it a little or missheard it and wrote what they thought fit close to it.

I don't know if I made sense.

"Somebody give me a sign. That everything's going as planned. And then everything falls away, into the darkness of this shallow place. The detail is striking. The room's cold and frightening. You'll kick and you'll scream. You'll try everything to survive.."
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