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Might I ask you what facts are? They are still proof. That's why they call it 'fact or fiction', they're polar opposites. Either way, there are still ways of 'proving' religion is real, none of you are really trying that hard at all. There are debates on several other sites with the same topic which actually get somewhere.

Also in reply to that:
What tends to happen, especially when you're younger is that everyone will agree/try to make things more interesting. I was once at a camp when I was 13. We were in a large room having a party with another small group and the lights went out. They all started to scream and say they saw/felt "the black nun" climb to the top of the bed and then hide in the cove. I was there, there was nothing. Sometimes people just elaborately overemphasize how things like that happen.

And stories are good and all for a debate, but not when they don't relate to the debate at all.
in his wisdom god created the f l y and then forgot to tell us why
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There is no way of proving how the earth came to place, none of us was there.
For me I see the world as being far to complicated for it just to have come into place. I do believe there is a higher power begin it all. It is said that if the earth was to be moved a meter closer to the sun and or further away it could't sustain life. Even scientist have said there has to be a God.
We know nothing about this world, we can look at science to answer the questions we have but in the end it will only say so little. There is no way that science can even prove how the world came into place. Look in the past how wrong it has been, everything we know now could be all wrong

Everything is far to complicated for it to just have appeared out of nothing with no help....
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I do believe in God, one thing I have talked about with my friends Is that how the scientists find so much information in the Earth but even the Earth can be puzzled when It began. When scientists are wrong they deny it and say that it was just bad information and they did not go wrong in their theories. But You know how BC went backwards in it's years and AD goes forward? Well BC had to start somewhere to start going backward. And AD might end when BC started. And how could Jesus come to life when God is still in Heaven? So there must have been a God to make that happen.:P
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>And how could Jesus come to life when God is still in Heaven? So there must have been a God to make that happen.:P

Circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works because circular logic works...
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I believe that either some higher power (not necessarily the Christian God) started the Earth off or that the Earth was created by sheer coincidence. I'm kind of on the fence about this "God or no God" thing. XD

Creationism, in the usual Christian sense, seems incredibly foolish to me. The idea of some God who nobody has ever seen or heard (don't mention the Bible because it was written over 2000 years ago) creating the Earth and all life on it, as well as the concept that all humans came from two people is just... idk, man. Our race would be horribly inbred and shriveled up if we came from just two people. :C

There are loads of religions and deities out there- why are no other creation stories plausible?
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imho why do people honestly care what others think..? Does it hurt to believe in a higher power? No. Does it hurt to not believe in a higher power? No.
People should stop forcing their opinions on other people and just go with the flow. If somebody believes in a different religion, good for them if it helps them sleep at night. I'm not going to get into a discussion about they're right or wrong.
Do I believe in a higher power such as God? Yes, mainly because if it's true then yay for me. And if it's not then yay for me, I didn't waste my life about it.
Except those Sundays...

also, I love science and as arthur has said, The Big Bang theory is possible (probable? not 100%). The environment that is known as Earth was pretty much chaos when it first arrived. The Earth was covered in Volcanic eruptions, fierce lightning storms and poisonous gas.

This was around 4.6 Billion years ago. The atmosphere of the earth was quite a cornicopia of gaseous elements. Nitrogen, Sulfur, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc etc.
Certainly we couldn't live least not yet.

Meet the cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) which had a very interesting aspect to them. They didn't rely on oxygen to survive. With the help of the sun, Mr. Golden Sun who's light shown down on them, they could photosynthesis energy and oxygen all the while 'purifying' nitrogen. Oxygen, meet the atmosphere, atmosphere meet the oxygen. The Cyanobacteria flourished in the early environment of Earth and 2.5 billion years ago during the'Oxygen' revolution, aerobic lifeforms that could be larger than a single cell.
However, only 600 million years ago did Earth start to finally multicellular organisms (Ediacaran Period). That's a large gap. Currently, nobody really has an answer for why it took so long and what happened in Earth's missing years.
A quote from Alasdair Wilkins may help clear a few things up;

The simple, uncomfortable answer is that we don't really know. Geologists have gleaned a few crucial details about this long ago world in the last decade or so. Don Canfield, a geologist at Denmark's Odense University, complicated the picture in 1998 when he suggested sulfur compounds were also a vital part of the transformation of the Earth.

He argued that the old story, which held that the newly-freed oxygen had caused iron to dissolve out of the ancient oceans, was incomplete. In its place, he suggested that early oxygen-related erosion of rocks had released sulfates, which are ionic compounds of sulfuric acid. Bacteria in the ocean took these sulfates and converted them into sulfides, keeping the oxygen released from the the sulfates and leaving the now negatively-charged sulfur ions behind.

Science can go on and on to prove how lifeforms came to exist and how they evolved--the facts are there. How you interpret them is your own choice. I personally like to think that everything happens for a reason. Maybe 'God' created the big bang that started the world. After all, the bible certainly didn't use the same calendar as we do today (anybody feel like living 400+years?). Regardless, I'm pretty on the fence. But it doesn't hurt to have faith as long as you don't force others into the same faith.
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"There are loads of religions and deities out there- why are no other creation stories plausible?"

My thoughts exactly I mean to be honest I'm not sure we will ever know the exact truth ( not unless we build a time machine anyway) but I would like to think that any peson that considers themselves sensible would keep an open mind. I think I'm like a fair few people in this topic in the respect I'm on the fence.

And on a side note I find it very hard to take a book (The bible) seriously that not only suggests we came from just two people but also that also those two people had soons but no daughters if I recall. Also the fact that its not just from eden that we came from two people but that it also happened a second time as well with Noah and the great flood ( didn't he also only have sons) when his wife dies. So where did the next generation of women come from??? *shuders*

Though I guess God could just have created more but still.
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I don't believe in god, never really have, the thought of some guy creating everything just isn't believable to me. Though I've never really read the bible, I know only a few stories. I do enjoy listening/reading what other people have to say about it, it's like listening to stories or something. I see god and religion stuff just like I see dragons, fairies, and because someone's signature is blinking above, the phoenix.
I think god is really a form of comfort for other people, to assure them of something...idk
However, that doesn't really explain why a few people are so defensive about it. My mom hits me if I ever hint I don't believe in god in front of her, and my sister may be disowned if they found out she doesn't believe in god either and is a lesbian...

Curiously, I don't really believe all the science stuff either. Maybe I just don't care.
I believe a pink teacup revolves around Saturn because a 2,000 year old book said so and I feel it in my heart. Prove that wrong.
No offense...
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Personally I don't believe that there is one perfect person who holds us accountable for everything we do. I do think that there are things out there beyond our comprehension and perhaps there could be some divine figure(s) that help shape our world(remember that I also believe fairies also could be real). What I disagree with is most modern day religious ideals about god(s). I guess what I'm trying to say is that I believe in possibilities but I think we as a society have yet to understand anything regarding this matter. So divine creatures possibly yes, religion no. I run that thin line between atheist and agnostic.

Just because I feel the strong compulsion to add this to my thoughts I will.

I believe that religions involving heaven and hell or a reward system are simply there to stop society from fearing death and to get conformity. What better way to make someone conform than to say, "Hey, if you are good in life and don't break any rules then I'll rewad you with a prefect paradise- or- I will give you a better life when you are reborn. If not then down to the fiery pits" Plus death doesn't seem so scary if we are going to a beautiful haven over rotting, lifeless in the ground. My personal favorite religions involve spirits of the various plants, rivers, and such like the Greek/Roman mythology or some of the Japanese.

Another thing, because I often get weird looks when I say this. I believe in angels but not god. Totally contradicting to many of my beliefs but I am a hypocrite.

I suppose there is only one rule with me involving religion. I don't judge people by religion, and I don't like to hear purple being judged just as long as any beliefs(whether for or against any religion) aren't being forced. I was lucky to grow up in a very open, religiously diverse family. My dad an athiest, my mom Christian, catholic cousins, and my buddist/somewhat hippie aunt and uncle.

(sorry for all the terrible spelling. It's too and I'm using my phone)
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There is absolutely positively a God. It is better to believe in God because if you dont and he does come back again then you are going to the eternal punishment of Hell. But if you believe and he doesnt come back then you have nothing to lose. :]
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