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'ey man this is a debate forum not a poll O: Defend yourself! support, argue! In a Cats vs Dogs debate forum you wouldnt just say you like cats, you would say all your reasons for why cats are better than dogs (or vice versa).

You /think/ they are fake works just like people /think/ he does exsist. There is actually no way to prove whether he exists or not. There are ways to prove that religions are wrong about certain things like everything was created in 7 days. And...basically alot of things in the bible lol. I think the first thing thats wrong with the bible is that it was created by man who are known to be corrupt. And then over the years stories change and change and change from person to person and things gets thrown askew so who knows what is right or wrong about the bible.

But as far as a big benevolent thing in the sky that makes everything, we can disprove that. Futurama had a cool take on it where god was a nebula in space that could control how everything turns out.

but its times like this that make me love flying Spaghetti monster...♥
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Religion is far to much to handle. Way to many people take it way to seriously what with all the killings in "god's name" and all that junk. I don't believe in any kind of religion, I think it's just all made up by people who wanna scare the unsecure people in the world into beliving that if they do something wrong they will have to make up for it or go to hell. If god did excist I don't think that there would be all these other religions, there would be a for sure sign saying that he is there and not just like something happens and that means god did it so we should belive in him. The bible was made by mankind and nothing else, it's just a bunch of crap jumbled down in a book. Also tell me this, why are there so many different kinds of bibles that say completly different things? If the bible is supposed to be god's words then why does each bible say something different? I think there's just good people and bad people in this world and when we die we just come back as something different, wether it's another human or even a bug. I hate it when people try to preech to me saying that I need to belive in god or else I will go to hell. I wanna live my life the way I want.
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1. I'm 17 and I know I'm in no position to be talking about religion due to my minimal understandings of it, but I'm going to stand up for my beliefs and at least try to get my word in. Don't kill me. Plz.
2. This isn't off topic.
In eighth grade I learned about The International Jew. Basically it was a book that talked about how jews formed a secret society in which they would take over the world, and bull crap like that. My teacher pointed out how gullible these people where to believe such nonsense. I took that into consideration, and realized that Christians believe in a magical, imaginary creature who resigns cloaked in the sky, controls every single 6 billion lives, forgives you for everything you do, whom there is no proof of, who guarantees that you're afterlife consists of a perfect society. And people believe in this, which is a lot more obscene then believing in a society destined to take over the world. There is no perfect society. I know I keep making references to books, but if you've read The Giver, you'd understand that there is no such thing as a perfect society and what appears to be perfect for one is not exactly perfect for another.
There is no logical explanation for the existence of god besides trust in the bible. And I don't know about the rest, but I am definitely not willing to believe ramblings about a a magical creature who floats in the sky and projects life.
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I agree with violet. I'm a Christian and I believe that God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit created the Earth in 6 real days, man sinned, and then Jesus (the Son) came to save us. I don't believe that the Bible and God is something I'm imagining because I know the Holy Spirit is in my heart, I feel like I have a purpose in serving Him.
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I personally dont believe, because I agree with science. I think it's odd how scientists are so trusted with things like medicine and biology, but anything to do with religion and suddenly they have no idea what they are talking about.
Agreed Dracula, I'm not inclined to believe in something that has absolutely no proof of existance.
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>When you think about it, isn't it good to think that you have somewhere to go when you die? Instead of just being in purgatory?

I hate the emotional tactic of, "Oh, don't you WANT somewhere to go when you die?" Yeah, absolutely I do. But that doesn't mean it'll happen. That doesn't mean it'll exist.

>God gave free will, when he did he enabled people to believe or not believe. He wasn't here millions of years ago but his voice was.

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

— Epicurus, philosopher (c. 341-270 BCE)

If God is all knowing.
And God has complete control.
Then allows free-will.
But then he knows everything in advanced...
Then how does free-will exist if he knows everything? Does this NOT imply that there is a Fate-factor here? As such, why does he allow evil if he is an all-knowing God?

Like, I don't even know how to word it because my brain is just full of a tangled mess of extension cords right now because I'm trying to hard to try to understand something that doesn't exist due to endless contradictions.

But actually, I do have a complete explanation to most of what I asked. I just want to know if you can explain it.
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No, I don't think there is.
Seeing as there is no proof of such god or gods existing outside of the books of the religion. And those books were written by people, not by any sort of god.

Plus, I like the idea of an independent universe. It's really much more interesting that way.

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"Then allows free-will.
But then he knows everything in advanced...
Then how does free-will exist if he knows everything? "

I think the point was that god just let us do whatever we wanted, despite the fact that he knew we were going to just mess it all up. Time is and always was I suppose and things happen depending on our free will but god being in past present and future would see all of it, I think the point was that even though he always knew what was going to happen he didnt do his divine whatnots to change any of it. I think thats what its supposed to be.

"As such, why does he allow evil if he is an all-knowing God?" that part ties into the free will bit. You have the free will to be good or evil but since its your will this god doesnt interfere.

Not all people believe that god is this all loving being though who just wants peace for everyone and perfection. My mom believes that god is some cynical being that made earth and moved on lol.She doesnt really pray or do anything religious but she just thinks that whatever put us here made really pretty stuff, left and so that means there is no real reason for her to practice praying to something that is just leaving us to our own devices.


"And those books were written by people, not by any sort of god."

Thats my trouble with religion too. I dont think there is really any evidence to prove or disprove a god so I just think "eh whatevs" but when it comes to the bible I cant live my life according to a book that was written by man, not to mention alot of the stories kept getting passed around and changed. Who knows what the original was like.
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I agree with alot of you and I took in alot of your points on views. I believe in God but I would not force it on others. It doesn't mean that your bad for not believing in him. He gave us opinions and a mind of our own and lets us do whatever we please. As of concern with evil and others killing each other. Theres not going to be a perfect place where one person is not evil. People who kill for religious reasons have the "perfect" world idea in their head when the perfect paradise will never really exsist. I believe in God, Heaven, Hell and all that stuff but like I stated, it's our opinion on this matter and if your going to fuss about a person not being/believing in God then you need to open your eyes. Also why The Bibles may say different things I'm going to refrence this off a game we play alot in school. The game is when you have 10 or more sitting in a circle. One player starts a sentence and passes it on. By the end of the game the last player interprets a different word. So that could easily been what those people that wrote the bible put, along with their own ideas.

I'm going to get shot for saying that but ;D /Runs off.

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Haha yeah the game telephone xD! Thats what I always think of too ouo But I'm to untrusting of people back in the old days still orz

and yeah I see what you are saying though ouo
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