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Ever needed a flower, but you didn't have it and also were a bit impatient with growing the flower? Ever needed a seed but no matter what it doesn't seem to stock? Well this is the place for you, and its a place open for everyone!

The Global Gardening Trade is a forum where users can come offering a trade, and if another user is interested they can work an agreement out here as well. It works with anything garden related! That's right, anything.

You can have a user help you with refilling watering cans, you can do seed/flower trades, you can ask for some assistance, anything garden related!

* be sure to post what you are seeking, and what you are willing to offer for it. Try to be as specific as possible.
* If you are willing to negotiate, be sure to post that! If a user may not want a seed or flower, they may want something else in return!
* Please be nice to each other, it is meant to help people and not cause any trouble!
* If you have a flower stock that you are allowing someone to look through then be sure to post a link for them to be able to see it.
* If you also have any open flower slots and are willing to grow a flower for someone, feel free to inform them! I'm sure they would be very appreciative of your help.

Feel free to also use this as a place to chat about gardening or anything of that nature.

You are welcome to do trades of any kind here: Flower trades, seed trades, a seed for a flower, offering gardening plots, helping fill watering cans, etc.

Now go go go!

If you are also questing, Demon and I have been working on a fortress for users to use for questing. Please drop her a message with an application if you are interested!

Below is the listed information needed when supplying an application, however, feel free to give more information if you think it will help your chances at being accepted!

* How many gardening plots you have.
* How often you quest and your current level.
* How many flowers you have at the time and perhaps a link to them if you have them in your gallery.
* How often you are online, just in case we need to get someone to help with your gardening or something of that nature.
* You must always have a gardening module, or a link of some sort, up on your page.
* What memoria are you aiming for, and what do you plan to do with it?
* Lastly, we would like to know why you think you would be good for the team!

We would like to inform anyone who may be interested, that plans for how questing will go are still being worked on. So far we are leaning towards a few certain ideas, and will help any users who wish to learn how to garden, to garden if needed!

There will be a team stock to work from, however, it is still a work in progress right now.

Come join the group!

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