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Suggestions in green text mean they were implemented, crossed out suggestions means those are unable to be implemented

Total Suggestions: 81

A. Pet Species Changers

1. Bribing your pet - i.e. my pet wants something that’s been long retired, I can pay X amount of verpoints to speed up the change in what they crave
2. (Bare with me here) A slight increase in the chance to drop said changer - the common pets could have a higher rate of drops, whereas berpunnys would remain with a smaller chance since they’re more valuable
3. Kind of like 1 but more straight forward - just bribe your pet straight up to drop a changer for a larger amount of verpoints
4. Trevor can have quests - Trevor found these parts on his exploration and if you complete x amount of quests for him, he would give you a random changer, that way you can sell or trade them with other people a bit easier
5. A set number of cravings met drops a changer - for example the cravings page would have like 0/5 and every 5th craving set met would grant you a changer, Berpunnys would be 0/10
6. Add pet species changers to verdoku
7. Having the 4 leaf clover also increases the chance of a pet to drop a species changer.

B. Cash Shop Ideas/Site Revenue

1. What if during certain months, or sales (like Black Friday and Memorial Day aka the sale holidays) we put the Feather of Divinity, Skull of Death, Viral Syringe, and what else have you, in the cash shop? This would bring more site revenue.
2. Pet elite - Pet stays fed longer, pet can scuba dive longer, pet has more bravery going through the haunted house, pet has higher chance to cause a flower to drop extra seeds if it’s the plant keeper, pet gets even higher elated stat increases from satisfied cravings, pet does better at mining, lava monster is more likely to give pet a ability.
3. Swap costs of the extra nest item and the egg incubator in the cash shop
4. The billboard in the main shops area - what if users could “rent” it for VC? Like “hey I’m having a shop sale” or “hey I have this pet for sale” or “hey I am looking to buy these items in bulk!”. Very vague idea but it’s another idea for revenue.
5. Elite users dont have to wait 7 seconds between buying items.
6. The discount cards in the cash shop could be good for a week instead of X amount of uses, they’d be more worth it if that was the case
7. An item to increase shop size example: the item would increase the shops # of held items by 100 / an item to increase gallery size example: the item would increase the gallerys # of items held by 100
8. - suggested by zeph - add that the layout paint is permanent even if you change to a different one into The item description.
9. The magnificent banana and toy that gives a month long happiness/fullness - what if we either lowered the cost of vc on them or made it so we could use it 3 times? That would make it a lot more worth it as we use multiple pets for things that drain their happiness/hunger such as gardening, mining, training, and shop keeping. Has 5 uses
10. Now this is might be shot down quickly, and I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but what if we tried to raise money for advertising? I don’t know how hard this is, but it couldn’t hurt to try. Or run ads on the site like we used to.
11. An item that adds 5 garden plots instead of one. Like how we have the 1 pet slot key, or 5 pet slot keys.
12. A cash shop item that resets shop questing so you can shop quest twice in a day.
13. An item that lets you play 2 more levels of Livianas flower quests.
14. Custom user icons
15. An item that, instead of makes your prehistore pet a forever baby, instantly make it an adult
16. The ability to gift elite to pets and users. I.E. add a 'activate for' option and you can type in a user or pet to activate it for

C. Pets/Verbies

1. Add the prehistore baby’s and eggs to the Pet Species list under Help
2. Food and toys are equibbable to pets, and if I remember correctly pets are supposed to pull or use those items when they get hungry or bored to replenish themselves when they have a job (i.e. I equip my shop curator with food so he doesn’t take VP from the till to satisfy his needs) but I’ve never actually seen this happen, is there a way to update it so pets do use the items equipped to them?
3. Referral points - since getting people to click your verbies can be a bit hard now a days, what if clicking your own verbies had a small chance of granting you 2 or 5 points?
4. Pet intelligence and pet skills - the higher a pets intelligence could correlate to how well they can advance in a pet skill such as the haunted house, oasis, and other skills. Other areas for possible pet skills and or intelligence would be the park feature, the beach digging feature, the fishing feature, etc
5. - suggested by zeph - the verver lunch feature could be modified to feed verbies and have a cool down and the verbies could drop ref points for being happy they’re fed. Could also tie into the pet that owns the verbie. Maybe even use the park so the pet and the verbie can play together and also again drop ref points
6. The pet status page (from the pet list) could include their stats that you see in the upper right corner, on mobile it’s hard to tell how statisfied a pet is at the moment and this would make it a lost easier. Could also make it that when you feed or play with a pet the “this pet is happier” screen shows their meters so you know how close they are to full bars.
7. Add a viral, teacup, totem, etc. version to Giblets, it would be fun to have more ways to customize a giblet

8. Can we have a limit to release pets for free? Say 1 or 2 a week? Old users are signing on and realizing they have no room for pets and are clogged with pets they no longer wish to own - there’s also a bug that the release is 50k vp but the Are you sure prompt says 100k :-)
8. Not sure if a thing, but if a pets speed stat is higher than its opponent, the pet can make the first vital move in the fight.
9. pet alerts - remove pets being traded, but add what pets are doing things such as tending shops, tending gardens, training in the fitness center, on a play date or picnic with another pet.
10. My Pets list - I believe status and preferences can be combined. Also can it be made that 2 pets can fit in a row, that way people with a hoard of pets don’t have to scroll half a mile to find a certain pet?
11. Gardening pet skill
12. When using the drop down menu to choose what pet to send into the Oasis, have a distinction next to the pets name on who knows the way, such as [Expert] or something along that line.
13. When choosing what pet to use in the haunted house, have their skill level next to their name. Like [Level 2].
14. Add the ability to remove or maybe even change the color after using a pet name lipstick under preferences/status/icon/somewhere. That way when you trade a pet away the new owner can do as they please.
15. The ability to disable, remove, or change when a pet has been given a custom gender, again so new owners arent stuck with something the previous owner chose.
16. Make verbies have a play with option as well. /eyes useless misrors/ecoplasms
17. Try to have artists mimick our pets that don’t have PSDs so we can get PSDs for them?

D. Users (Shops, Galleries, Loacating, MSC.)

1. Search bar for shops and galleries - similar to the one for the safe box - users have been asking for this for years, it would make questing and finding things a lot easier.
2. Recode the buy button in user shops to a remove button for the owners - requested by users frequently - would make questing a lot easier
3. Adding the locate button from mousing over something to the same screen as the item description (the one where you can click what main shop it’s in)
4. Adding more uses to the auto-pricer- currently you can use it 3 times a day, which doesn’t seem like much for people with 2 shops that constantly restock throughout the day, Bump this up to 4 or 5 uses, so restockers can use it like once per shop in the morning and night
5. Decreasing the VP it takes to upgrade a shop - since the systems been put in, thousands of items have been added so it’s very easy to fill your shop quickly, and it also gets costly quickly to upgrade to a larger store. More people would hop on the shop keeping train if this was cheaper and increase the flow of items around the site.
6. Give users the ability to lock or archive our own posts - keeps people from losing posts that haven’t gotten attention yet, and keeps attention away from things already solved/sold/answered/etc.
7. Make CD’s more worth it? - right now I feel the CD option in the bank is a bit under appreciated due to the interest rates, maybe increasing them just a tad would bring them more popularity? Or even add a *chance* to get a bonus when your CD matures?
8. when old accounts are swept, their pets go into the sanctuary. How about their items go into the trash, and their verpoints go towards the lottery games jackpot?
9. When users close shops, make it so we can still see our own shop items. That makes restocking a ton easier for those that want to hoard things without using the locate feature.
10. Put a time limit on how inactive an account can be i.e. once an account reaches 4 years and 11 months, send a email to their registered email like "hey might wanna log in soon" or something, and once 5 years hits, delete the account? Ive never seen a user return from a 5 + year break.
11. A notification when your pet steals VP from shop tills to feed/amuse themselves
12. Old account sweep - opens more names up for people wanting to join, and brings in site revenue as everyone runs for the sanctuary :>
13. Like name changes, Elite users get a discount on releasing pets.
14. Have a way to delete shops, yes you can close them, but it still shows up on the profile/user scroll over menu/etc.
15. Add the profile comments module to things that generate on a new users profile, that way when someone sees a new user they can kind them a kind and welcoming message!
16. The ability to vercomm yourself so you can keep private notes of things.
17. The ability to erase all saved prices in a shop.
18. Verlympic event - # of participated in user battles
19. Once a shop till runs out of VP for the pet to steal for hunger/joy, that makes the shop close (thisll help get rid of shops that have the only 1 of something in stock for a crazy price)

E. Questing/Features/Other

1. An end level for the haunted house - the final level could give different rewards like the oasis. Maybe your pet learns an ability, or you get a giant sack of verpoints, or spooky items that have been retired.
2. Add more finds to the digging feature on the beach - right now you can only find sand and a panning totem piece - add scuba diving coins, pouches of verpoints, random items, trash (AKA crushed cans, broken bottles, half eaten food - the useless items asked for by the recycle race)
3. Right now you can only train 1 stat point at a time which gets costly and long at higher stats, and I’m not sure if this is a good idea since we have stat potions, but what if there was a beginner, mediocre, and expert levels in the center? For example stats 1-100 would be beginner where you train 1 point at a time, stats 100-250 would unlock mediocre and give you the option of training 2 points at a time for a slight lesser amount of time, and stats 250 and up would unlock expert level and let you train 3 points at a time for a lesser amount of time. Obviously not these exact numbers.
4. A revamp to the pawn shop could be nice - my only idea would be something with mining and the gems, or you can pawn off things you only used once but have multiple uses and you don’t want to clog your safebox, pawn off Easter eggs. Bring the pawn guy an item and then he’ll let you pawn things like you need to bring the verbie shop an item before you can shop there.
5. Have Cyrus and Zerilia ask for nightflower items - I haven’t seen either of them ask for these items and it would bring more use to finding these items in the oasis
6. Add a “Are you sure?” prompt when giving up on a zerilia quest.
7. Remove pet species changers from things Zerilia can ask for.
8. increase the time available to harvest a flower or let pet tenders harvest the flower for us
9. Revamp fishing - add a chance to find items as well as fish, upgrade your boat or fishing rod to get better catches
10. Suggested by Zeph - a shop on the beach that stocks things from the main shops that are beach related so that a larger variety of items can be restocked
11. Increase the min/max amount of items that can restock in a shop, even if it’s by a few, to also bring a larger variety of items into restocks
12. Make all fashion items playable with pets
13. Add an items offical price to the scroll over menu
14. Nightflower Boquet have a play option.

F. Fortresses/Forums/Shoutbox/Blogs

1. Can we have an edit button in on the same page as a blog. When I have to edit a blog I have to do a lot of button clicking whereas having the edit button on the same page would be very easy. Like having an edit button on your pet profile or user profile.
2. A revamp to fortresses? theyre all dead and i feel a new look, and some organization could make them useful once more. A layout similar to the user shops area would be nice such as new fortresses, popular fortresses, featured fortress, etc.
3. Blogs - again something similar to the user shops would be nice such as popular blogs, new blogs, user blogs, stickied blogs, highest rated/user favorite blogs as I love using the blogs and its very underappreciated
4. The shoutbox - I think we could get rid of the overflow section, bring back shoutbox items if those were removed, maybe give some perks to the elite shoutbox
5. I think the forums could use a tweak or two. Some categories dont have a need or use anymore, or could be combined. Maybe lower the amount of posts seen on a page since most of them are all archived anyways? Example: polling & voting could be cominbed into debate, both of which haven’t had activity in over a year. same with gaming and music & media, as one of them hasn’t had activity in nearly 3 years. Add “& blogs” to fortresses to give that one more uses. go through the stickied forum posts and make sure they’re all up to date/ bring them up to date.
6. A read receipt in vercomms.
7. A forum under "The Site", that features things the staff are working on, or would like user input on. Could be called "Updates/Input".
8. The ability to edit the title of things such as forum posts and blogs
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An additional thought to M - Decreasing shop prices for upgrades.

I do agree, at some point it gets very silly expensive to upgrade a shop and you only get 5 additional item spots.

I could see one of two options:
1) Alter it so that as the price goes up so does the number of item slots unlocked in tiers. IE Levels 1-5 are cheaper and unlock 5 plots, but levels 100-110 which cost more open far more shop space.
2) Tie shop size to shop sales themselves. For every X different users and X items sold have a small chance that the shop size goes up through Investment. (Or on Investment, allow other users to post an Investment to a shop that helps them unlock sizes.)

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A would be amazing. It is so tedious to see you have an item but have to dig through pages and pages for it.

H sounds like a good idea to me, at least the VC part. It would have to be balanced to maintain the Thaber Egg's value.

N would be awesome.

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I strongly object to anything that lets users throw money at the site for more goodies and advantages. Pay to win is awful and unfair. We don't have an issue with it now so keeping it that way would be good.

The Cash Shop needs updating to be realistic and useful and those who want to support the site already enough nice things there to buy from Bastille, color changers, Keys, coliseum abilities, etc.

Addition: Mining related, it would be nice if there was a way to increase a pet's energy. 25 seems really low once you can hold a full pack of goodies. You end up making trip after trip for no real reason other than you're out of energy. Doesn't seem like that should be the deciding factor. Perhaps the Basket could be altered to either give more energy per use(currently just not worth it unless you are out and are holding something rare.) or could slowly increase permanent energy if you use enough of them.

Addition June 9th:
Pets having skills that give them elemental strengths and weaknesses would make me a happy battle nerd.
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Increasing mining energy would be so nice!! It gets silly if you have a strong pet that can carry a lot but tires out quickly. Maybe the Basket could help or you could find something in the mines that permanently increases energy...rewarding those who mine more, or at the least encouraging more people to get in there.

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.
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I have added multiple suggestions, and tweaked some of the ones already up there. :-)

678 posts
I am monitoring this topic and will reply to each suggestion when I have made some progress with them - but as requested, I've skimmed through it and I'll list the ones that we wouldn't do.

G - Possibly in certain forums, but not everywhere.
Q - It was removed for a reason, but, I know there is a shortage of some items around the site - some sort of item swapping NPC could be an idea.
X - Unfortunately not, anyone found cheating would have their cheated items dumped back into the site. There is no easy way to ensure that doesn't happen.

The rest - some will happen for sure and need some extra thinking and discussions.

If the site is able to draw in more revenue then we can re-invest it better and get more done so they are all important suggestions.
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Personaly, I would really appreciate suggestion "i". Short harvest times is a main reason I completely abondoned gardening. I would love to start gardening again, but seeing flowers as growing one day and dead the at the next day is too frustating and unreasonable imo. Some of us can't check verpets site every 10 minutes :-/ Or at least enable garden notification for non-elite users
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The timings on the current flowers will not change.

I have an idea for a few other things that we may trial - but the core of the gardening will remain the same.
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Carl requested a fishing link -

m. Elite users dont have to wait 7 seconds between buying items.
This one concerns me. There's not a lot of restockers as is right now so we have plenty of items to RS without removing this. And giving people who can afford elite the ability to grab items at restocks(which already have so few items in each shop) seems a bit overboard.
Paying cash to get things more so and faster than others doesn't sit well with me. It's very pay to win. I suggest an alternative.

Perhaps instead the overall stock of shops could be increased to help with restockers being able to buy enough different rarity items from different shops. Or even create a new shop to take the pressure off some of the shops that have a higher item count that make even low rarity items somewhat harder to get. IE.
The Fashion Store has so many items that even R20's can be hard to keep multiples in my shop. (At the time of writing this the following R20 ties in the Fashion store had very low stock in the usershops: Green Tie, Yellow Tie, White Tie, Blue Tie, Red Tie. Some of which are not even worth buying in usershops because there is no profitable quest on site at the listed prices.)

Some of these items could go to say a new Beach store where Ibo used to be that sells beach items. Bikini's, the sunhats, etc. This could also pull a few items such as the beachball, shovels, and beach buckets from the toy shop to give a more interesting variety in shops. Then the other low rarity items in over crowded shops would have better stock odds.
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