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I don't believe we have this already, and I thought it might be pretty neat to have! If it's already a thing, then whoops.

Basically, it'd be a skill for your pet, similar to Mining or the Haunted House - the more your pet tends to your garden, the more experience it will get, leading to level increases and potential 'buffs.' I guess a good name would be "Green Thumb."

Some potential ideas:

At intermediate levels, your pet will let you know if it needs something (i.e. an alert pops up if you need to refill its watering can).

At expert levels, gardening time can be cut down (they're just that good!), or your pet will be able to "save" a plant from dying for x amount of hours (maybe the time could depend on what level your pet is).

Maybe your pet can have a chance to find random seeds while gardening - the higher the level of the skill, the higher the potential to find rarer seeds. I'm not sure how easily accessible seasonal seeds are (I'm sure it depends on how many people actually buy them while they're in season), but that could potentially help if they're a little too scarce. If seasonal seeds are fine as they are, they can be excluded. I figured it'd make a little sense if your pet is rummaging around the dirt and happened to find a seed someone left behind.

This was just something I was thinking about recently. Feel free to agree, disagree, or give your own suggestions!

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Oh I like that idea. Noted.

A very little known feature is the user skills - we only one of them at the moment from crafting but hasn't been news posted as crafting isn't exactly populated yet. IT could also become part of that and again give boosts or bonuses to the user as well as the pet.
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