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Congrats Air! o3o

My birthday is on January 11th! Party all day, erryday!! o3o
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aha Thanks you twooo~ c:
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Bingo verified - verpets.com/go/0le5

Well done, Air! Dat Grinch bonus though. 200k heading your way~ Plus the item bundle and coal too, can't forget those.

Round 2
Again, be sure to post bingo to halt the flood of items.

Blue Stocking
Frost Cactus
Mug of Eggnog
Holiday Yonika Ornament
Millennium Snowflake Wand
Shocked Santa Ornament
Snow Lady
Peppermint Mocha
Red Bauble Bomb
Tacky Snowman Sweater
Rainbow String of Lights
Green Bauble Bomb
Holiday Cardinal Decor
Christmas Cookies and Milk
Elf Boots
Advent Icicle Pop
Gingerbread Christmas Tree
Homemade Ginger Snaps
Santa Stop Here! Sign
Fresh Fruitcake
Bauble Tags
Evergreen Christmas Wreath
Little Peesh Angel
Miniature Reinxaydir
White Holiday Candle
Reindeer Spirited Candy Cane
Christmas Coffee
Christmas Tree Cookies
Stocking Chocolate Square
Red and White Wrapping Paper
Gingerbread Shack
Holiday Pear Pie
Christmas Light Whip
All-Natural White Christmas Tree
Festive Red Christmas Present
Plain Snowglobe
Winter Sunny Plushie
Candy Cane Bow
Gold Glitter Ornament
Decorated Candy Cane Plushie
Green Stocking
Sleigh Bell
Snowflake Bow

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Peat and stuff.
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I think I have bingo. ;;

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Bingo verified - verpets.com/go/0le6

Unfortunately no bonuses, but you're still entitled to the complete Post-Christmas Bundle, woo.
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Can I be added? I'm new. I checked forums before I joined, saw this giveaway and used you as my referral ..lol
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Oh, thank you! At the moment this giveaway is essentially inactive, so there aren't any matches to add anyone to, but I do have a surplus of items of Christmas past that aren't much of any use to me now, haha. I'll send some over your way, thanks for your interest.

And welcome to Verpets, hope to see you around~
Peat and stuff.
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Damn I miss all the good stuff! -.-
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light"
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