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lol, ya. He's a pesky kid.

Name: Cassandra 'Cassie' Nightingale
Age: 18
Occupation: Handmaiden to Omariona
Gender: Female
Family: Younger daughter of Charles Nightingale and Desdemona Nightingale, younger sister of Peter Nightingale. She has also unofficially adopted a street urchin also named Peter.
Personality: Cassie is a very caring individual who is naturally motherly. While appearing very much to be the innocent, quiet girl she can prove to be passionately loyal and fiercely protective to those she considers her friends or family. Although she somewhat disapproves of her princesses' actions, she never says a word about it.
Background: Charles Nightingale was once a very great knight, considered somewhat of an adviser to the king. Foggy circumstances stripped him of his knighthood and his life, leaving his entire family shamed. Cassie's elder brother joined the ranks of knights in training in order to return that honor and while proving his worth was cut down before ever attaining actual knighthood. Soon after her mother died of a broken heart. Because of this Cassie became a quiet child, always kind and helpful, drowning her sorrows in work. She has been the Princess's handmaiden for 8 years and had known her far longer before while her father was still a knight. When she was 16 she found a little urchin boy attempting to steal from a noble during a ball. Instead of turning the boy over she took him in.
Skills: Sewing, singing, peacemaking, cleaning, horseback riding, using a sword
Weaknesses: Lying, being spontaneous, taking risks

Name: Peter Marx
Age: 14
Occupation: Pickpocket
Gender: Male
Family:He doesnt remember. Cassie takes care of him though.
Personality: Cocky and headstrong, Peter is very much the kid who dreams of holding the whole world in his hand one day. In his mind nothing is closed to him if he wants it enough. He is resourceful and determined but knows little of boundaries or loyalty.
Background: Peter remembers little before his seventh year. Bits of broken memories and images but nothing more. His earliest, complete memory was waking up in an alleyway. He didn't even remember his name. However he soon found he was quick with his hands and his head. For a while he was in an orphanage where he gained the name Rat. Soon after discovering the harsh reality that orphanhood sucked he ran away, deciding to live on the streets forever until his real family found him.
Skills: Stealing, running away, lying, picking pockets
Weaknesses: Loyalty, reading, writing
Other: Peter has the strange ability at blending in with his surroundings so uncannily that even when people are staring right at him they don't see him.

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Okay, Vitalius' profile is finised~! :D
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Added him, Lilly. :3
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:slyleft: Vitalius' character looks a bit... tiny. Oh well~ 8)
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Name: Felix Fredricks
Age: 28
Personality: Rude, crude, cold, unloyal. The only time he even pretends to be nice is when he's flirting with a girl. But he's the "love 'em and leave 'em" type.
Occupation: Sells illegal weapons infused with black magic.

Aaaand his history is unknown because he's new and I'm still working on him.

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(I am interested~)
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oh hi there!!
i'm going to change the name of the pet issac, but his character name is still gonna be issac so yeah!
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Okay, Piblaf! c: If you have any questions feel free to 'comm me~

-Okay Fezz~ :'D
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I tweaked Vitalius' profile slightly. XD

Key, just wondering, what colour signifies Undrian~?
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