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-Okay so here's one I've been playing with for a while, it's not your average RP, but then again what is. Basically the government have been toying with 'Cross species Genetic Pollenating' or C.S.G.P, Injecting test subjects with a verity of animal D.N.A trying to make a Penultimate race. Big Cat's or other such predator animals appear to be a favourite. Animals with above average intelligence, at first it's kept quiet but then ends up on a leek website after a high ranking official leaves paper work in a taxi, the government start using these Hybrids as ''attack dogs'' whilst calling them Law Enforcement, but soon these experiments start to revolt realising they are more superior and start to preform experiment of their own, creating an almost super race of anisapiens, people being cross infected with multiple animals to get the desired capabilities. I'm being very loose with the description as it's only a baby of an idea I'm just trying to set a skeleton idea for us to build on feel free to create your own character sheet and have as many people as you like just so long as you know which is doing what. There are different types of Race just so you know Humans (can also have various jobs), Infected (the very first people experimented on) Anisapiens (born from two Infected, a cross of two different animals),
Here's mine

-Name- Sam
-Gender- Female
-Race- Anisapiens (Fox-x-Snake)
-Age- 16
-Physical Description- Long ginger fox ears with shoulder length brown hair, Pale blue eyes elongated fang like teeth a forked tongue, thin pink lips and only two holes for nostrils a human torso stretching out into Fox hind legs.

An introduction will follow Enjoy :)
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