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Tall people, plus lots of hair could make them seem taller, people over exaggerate, and a lot of bigfoot videos and pictures are also fake, so you never know I suppose.
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Yeah, I suppose. You have a good point.
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What about the Giant Flying Spaghetti monster?
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Personally, I believe in the idea of ghost, but like many others, I don't believe in them as they have been portrsyed. I've had experiances simular to Mili's (sorry for the abbreviation, I simply didn't want to butcher the spelling from memory) such as the feeling of something crawling into bed with you etc.

My most vivid memory of such an instance occured shortly after my dog Brandy was hit by a car. Mind you, at the time, I was unaware that my faithful companion had been killed. Nevertheless, I was laying in the floor of our old home, and I felt something warm, but eeriely cool and almost slimey at the same time. It was down by my hip, where Brandy would always rest her head when we were laying out together. I remember feeling scared, but soon afterwards I felt safe and extrodinarily at ease. The sensation lasted for a good five minutes, and ended only a few moments before there was a knock on the door. One of the people who lived down the street was on the otherside, and crying. The girl had lived nearby for sometime, and had helped me wrangle the boxer when she had escaped the yard before. When she told me that she had hit Brandy, my heart sunk a little, but I didn't really panic. Looking back at it now, its hard to not feel like my dog was there with me right after she was killed, almost comforting me and trying to get me to take the news as smoothly as possible. It was weird though. I remember that over the course of the next few weeks I sought comfort within her, hoping that she would stick around for a while and make it easier to cope with. I don't recall ever feeling that exact same way again though.

My dog was my first friend. She helped teach me how to walk, and she had been such a huge part of my life that I didn't think that I would ever really move on. Time heals though, and eventually I did.

Its kind of funny though, because even now as I bring up this memory, I feel really warm and at ease. Even today, roughly 10 years later, I will find myself in situations where I feel like something is looking out for me.

Now, I have a theory for you all to think about. I feel like it fits the grounds of the supernatural, so here it is.

Do you believe in any way shape or form in guardian angels?

I do. However again, I don't believe in them in a traditional sort of way. I think that we as humans have the ability to link with another being or creature, and that perhaps spirits of those who we have loved and lost may 'possess' if you will different forms to visit us. Right after one of my best childhood friends memorial service, I was unloading floral arrangements from the service from my car and into the home of his mother. Out of no where, a really mean, almost 'demonic' looking dog crept around the other side of my car and stared at me growling. I stepped back a little and was going to shut myself back in the car, but the strangest thing happened. Riht as I opened the door to my car, a little dog that I didn't recognize ran out from beneath my car and stood between me and the other dog. It growled and puffed out its little chest and scared the dog away. After that, I looked down at it, and it looked up at me. I fell to the ground and started crying, because as soon as I looked into that little toy breeds eyes, I felt Nathan there with me. The dogs little brown eyes looked at me with an expression that was full of sorrow and almost understanding. We stared at each other for a little while, and the whole time I was shuddering. Those eyes man. As I watched them I could almost feel it willing me to feel better, and not to be sad. To remember and honor his memory.

I told Nathan's sister about it as soon as I gathered enough will power to pick myself up off the ground. I swear up and down that that little gnarled dog wasn't just a dog. I know it couldn't have been. Not with the look it gave me. In my head, the dog was somehow a part of the man who was like a big brother to me, still watching over me and protecting me from harm from the otherside. I swear it. You all can laugh or poke fun at it, but if you had been there, and seen how it all happened, I think you would question it yourself. Anywho, Liz and I went outside and looked all over for the dog. We couldn't find it anywhere, and haven't seen it since.
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No, I don't believe in any of those. I think that all ghostly experiences can be explained by science, aka they are hallucinations that can be caused by a number of things, including carbon monoxide poisoning.
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I believe that even if 'ghostly experiences' can be explained away by science that some things just can not be explained. While science is our perception of the small bit of the universe we can see from the comfort of an observatory, we can not be foolish enough to think our current views of the laws that bind our constant to be forever sealed in the facts of time and space.

As we grow our views change, this is a fact. The things we believed in, thought of and went about our daily lives doing have changed even in the last 10 years. Imagine what we were doing 50 years ago in comparison.

I believe that there is a possibility that man has yet to discover particular aspects of the world that we call home(and not just the bottom of the ocean!). Our world is linked to the unexplainable. This is what I believe.


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

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Yes i do because i have felt/seen them
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Wait...people actually believe in supernatural stuff? I always figured that was reserved for 13 year old girls reading Twilight for the first time and spray painting their possessions black.

Kittyqueen's comment kind of sums up this topic.

i believe in most fantasy things and supernatural things mostly stuff from harry potter and spiderwick

That's all I hear when someone says they believe in supernatural beings.

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no it is not reserved for the little stupid twilight girls supernatural as in ghost or and noises that you can not explain or do not hear all the time that is supernatural. That is life and key to death
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Except that is not supernatural. Noises you can't explain can be explained, you just, as an individual, are unable to.

And lol at the "key to life and death" comment.
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